lost freedom

Freedom is a like an aliveness for all the human beings. Without freedom we all are just dead. This is true from the liveliness of birds which are free in the sky and the dullness of birds in the cages. Freedom is of many types like freedom to move, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of taking decision. Many people around the world are still not fortunate enough to have freedom. Some where governments are cruel, some where societies are more pushing restrictions and some where families are more demanding. Even in developed countries sometime it is difficult to get the complete freedom and there are also many restrictions on ordinary human beings. In real terms it is a great task to understand freedom and there could be a wide debate on the issue of how much freedom should be given to individuals? Excess freedom could also create problem for us, therefore our societies and countries put some restrictions on us. This is fine because it is good for our betterment. However there are millions of people around the world, who are working under the conditions where they have no freedom. There whole life is like a jail. Therefore some work is required to be done on these issues. We can not afford to lose our freedom in this way.
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