Who will win the Punjab Election 2007?

Who will win the Punjab Election 2007?
It is a difficult task to predict the exact output of the Punjab Election 2007. However the present taste and mode of people pointing towards Alkali-BJP combine government. The major problem in prediction is that there will be less difference in the votes received by each party. So Far rough hope could be 4% positive swing towards the Akali-BJP combine and -3 to -2% swing against Congress. This creates a difference of 6-7% votes. This much difference can give a clear victory but the problem in the difference is not uniform and each party has different strong holds. Therefore, even after getting fewer votes congress could get more seats. In election no party has any solid reason; therefore this election has taken a more regional color and going to fought on the smaller regional issues. In the end congress could again regain support and can turn the whole picture. The party who has strong ground force will really have a greater advantage as there is no big state issue available with parties to convince people to vote for them. Development in next two three months are crucial and can change or make the future of any party.

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