Finally Deepawali is here again

Deepawali is a famous festival for Indians and we celebrate it with lot excitement. At this time of year people spent very heavily to celebrate this festival. Lot of money is spent on sweets, patakas and gifts. The total business done on this single day is much more than the combined business of month. This is reason why companies also focus on the day and announce lot of attractive offers to attract the costumers. This year also many companies provided lot of schemes and many people also used them. Moreover with the commercialization this trend is even increasing for example now in the place of sweets many people distribute gifts. Many multinational FMGC companies are in the market with their gift packs to satisfy this need of customers. This is a win-2 situation for both as the customers are getting the variety and companies are earning lot of money. Now the place of diyas which was first taken by candles is now again taken by the decorative lighting systems. With the modernization Deepawali festival is also seeing a sea change in its celebration style which is a good or bad sign, is very difficult to tell.
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