Lost heritage

We human beings are forgetting our lot of heritages. Here I am also sharing with you one similar kind of thing. Years back when there are no water distribution systems were available then people use to drink water from natural resources of water. These resources have sweet water flowing from them and it was an enjoying experience for the people to consume this water. To protect these natural drinking water resources people made sheds around them so that the natural water should not be polluted with rain water of dust. These resources have served people with sweet drinking water for years, but now with the availability of home based water systems people are forgetting these resources. Today many of these kinds of resources have become place of dirt. Nobody is now ready to take care and maintain these resources. Due to this, these resources are slowing dying there death unknowingly to the world. How we can do this to these resources which have helped us for so many years? Do we not require preserving our heritage to show to our subsequent generations?

Photos by Arvind Katoch
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