A false face

A false face what is it? Have I seen it? No I have not seen it but I have experienced it. World want us to look like them and people are doing every thing to fulfill this requirement. We are creating a false around us to look like the world. However in all this we have forgotten our real values, interest, ambitions and hopes. We are only fulfilling the ambitions and hopes of others. Sometime we may try to project our self in the dreams of others but in long run all this is not possible. We can never find our reality and values in others dreams. Life is journey to enjoy our real hood and emerge as winners in the end of our life. But many of us do not realize all this and pass their whole life in the terms of others. Finally in the end they have no option but to die as a loser. Therefore false face can never give us any win in long run, only our real values and thoughts can make us achieve the wonders of life. Many people around us use this false face to gain few small advantages but in all this they risk the ultimate happiness.
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