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lwToday I have completed almost one and half year of my writing. Two years back I could not even dream of achieving all this. So far I have written more than 1000 articles which are published on various sites. More surprising, I am amazed to know that Google open 18 pages related to me or my articles. First time in my life I am really filling of achieving some thing. My blog have become a kind of property for me and I am the proud owner of it. Really I have never dreamed about all this. I have learned lot of new things like applications of html and some others feature of internet only because of my writing. I have increased knowledge in many spheres of life and improved my writing a lot. Still there are lots of things which need to be corrected but in future I am also optimistic of achieving them. So far writing is going in the right direction for me and I have lot of more hopes from it in near future to come. I want to heartily thank people who have helped in achieving in all this.
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