Home security trends in India

Home security is a new trend in India and it is on rise in last few years. In last few years India has seen rise in the trend of thefts and looting. Therefore it has become necessary to look for home security services. One of the major home security service used in India is use of a common watchman for the whole block. This trend is prevailing in India from long back. Advantage of this method is that it is economical as compared to other systems of home security. However this method has the disadvantage of not provide the adequate or complete security to the houses and property. Some people have now started using burger alarms but there are still not a popular pick in India. Individualized security is only restricted to the use of rich people because high cost. Police has also intensified the patrolling in nights to avoid any kind of mishaps in the night. In this we are seeing some need for additional home security but it is a early phase for Indians to opt for high end options.
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