Dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis- A defeat for Government of India

While living in India we could hope to die from any of these diseases and that to from a single bite of a mosquito. All of these diseases are killing thousands of people across India for year after year but our government wake up only on the time of out break. Our health systems at the ground level are not in proper shape as this can be attributed from the failure of Indian government to wipe out polio even after so many years of continuous nationwide problem against polio. New polio cases are still emerging every year uncovering the loopholes in program.

Now if after spending heavily on polio eradication we are a failure than how we could expect success in Dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis where our effort level are very low. Japanese encephalitis is emerging in various parts of India for last 28 years and still even today our government has no active plan to eradicate this disease. Hundred of children and people are dying very year and our government is waiting year after year to not solve this problem. Dengue has again caught us unprepared this year and spreading like a wild fire. Southern states are as well not safe they are also suffering from chikungunya virus.

All these three diseases are mosquito-borne diseases and thank to hygienic conditions we mostly share our most of places of living with them. Mosquitoes are highly acceptable small flying insects in India and can we found in every part of country. Recently Indian government rejected one of the pilot projects from the UK to test a new way of sterilization of mosquito because we do not want the interference of other nations in our routine matters. This dengue is so wide spread that our biggest hospital AIIMS fall short of dealing with it. Many dieing patients of dengue have wait for hours to get admitted in to the hospital. Why from 1945, when dengue case was isolated in India no concrete action is taken for its eradication? Why we are allowing hundred of children to die every year from Japanese encephalitis? Why we have no control on Chikungunya?

Answer is simple-a defect of our government. Our government is so much busy on corruption, vote politics, and false projects that it has no time left to give an adequate health to the people. Our health ministries in capital and in various states are a big failure in bringing good health system to the nation. All these outbreaks are major concern for the nation and may be pointing towards a major disaster in near future. Therefore our government requires a major plan to eradicate all of them and should not hesitate to get help from the other nations because overall it is a matters of health of Indians.
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