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I rarely recommend sites or blogs but there are few sites and blogs which are so interesting that they force me to write about them. Here is a one more example of my discovery of an interesting blog. Writing a good blog is a great art. There are many blogs around us but very few blogs are able to attract our attention due to good work in them. Moreover, many times it is very difficult to get useful information we are searching for, from a single blog.

There are many blogs about traveling, sports, books and literature but they many times fail to meet our expectations. Now, have you hard about the blog about trivia? If No, then go to, where many of amazing trivia facts from history are listed. Some of posts of this blog are Women Behaving Badly, Weird Jobs, Cool Facts About Killer Bees, Useless Facts About Shaving, and Burial Customs and Curiosities. All these post are filled with some of unknown fact to us. It is a great exercise of reading to go through this blog.

Some of the facts found in this blog are really unbelievable. This site offers a great and very attractive written material for men, women, old, young and children. It is really hard task to collect all so much data and then refine it for the readers’ interest. Really the owner of this blog has done lot of hard work to put forward this blog. For example in post ”Cool Facts About Killer Bees”, he has highlighted many of amazing facts associated with bees which most of people seldom know. People looking for good knowledge and writing on internet can look forward for this blog.
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