When my parent will stop treating me like a kid?

Today I am a 28 years old independent boy. Who is self sufficient to manage his daily routines? However still my parents some time treat me like a small kid. Today my father advised me save funds for paying the tax and LIC premium due early next year. I have already taken care of all this factors and planned the whole transaction. With in two month I will hold enough balance to pay all this expenses. I have already taken advice from CA regarding the possible alternatives I have available with me in saving the maximum tax and working in that direction. My father still believes that I need lot of advice or he fears that I should not waste money and land up in crises. As a father he is right to some extent because managing financial things is a difficult task and even small mistake could make us behind the bars because Indian government has become very strict on tax payments. But there are many people in India who still do not know the exact procedures associated with the tax payment and have to pay huge payments to the middle man like CA and lawyers. Government is busy in collecting in more and more tax and not in making it simpler for the people to pay tax. It is India where nobody wants to grow or nobody will allow you to grow.
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