Punjab Election 2006

Punjab is going to see an election again. Like the earlier times this time as well battle is between two contenders’ Congress and Akali Dal. Currently Congress is ruling the state government for last five years. From the earlier times people of Punjab have no option but to choice between one of them. As trend wises every party holds the government in alternate period. This time also Akali dal holds the chances of winning the polls but the contest may be neck to neck. Both parties are putting allegations and counter allegations on each other. Previous track record of both the parties involve wide spread corruption but the people of Punjab have no option but to choice one party among them. Due to this reason there is not much enthusiasm among the people of Punjab. Punjab election has only remained a fight of two parties and largely does not involve most of the people. Let us wait for some time to see the outcome and watch which party has the might.

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Punjab Election 2007
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