health conditions in India

Are we prepared to fighting with various diseases? Answers are no for all Indians. Though as a nation we are becoming more advanced but still health conditions are at toss in India. Recent upsurge in the cases of dengue in India shows the state of health environments in India. This year dengue is more serious than the previous years. Our health care systems are almost failures to take care of rising menace of dengue. Hundred of people have so far died with dengue and its number may increase in coming months. Dengue is happening in India for last few years and every year millions of rupees being spend to prevent this disease but all this money goes in vain. All this indicates the wastage of money or non appropriate use of money by the government. Due to this unconcerned approach many people have to lose their life. We could to see some changes in attitude of government in near future and see a healthier environment in India.
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