Google's future

Google is today a king of search engines. Most of the people relay on Google for its search results. Though today there are many search engines available on the net but still Google has its own distinct identity. Google has become a big brand name which has made software giants like Microsoft to worry from it. Google has enchased it wide popularity and earned huge revenues through various programs like google/adsense, therefore Google stocks are favorite buy ones. However, by seeing the huge success of Google, many other players like yahoo are also coming into the ring to challenge the territory of Google.

Yahoo has recently started its ad based program which is likely to give fight to the google/adsense program. Yahoo program is still in beta, so it many take some time to be open for all. Like yahoo many more players are trying to come up with new plans to fight the supremacy of Google. It is very early to comment on these issues but the time ahead for Google looks very hard. So far Google has enjoyed a widespread popularity which was never challenged by anyone. In long run all these changes may be more advantageous to the ordinary people as due to competition more offers will be made to them. Now look for changes around you and get the benefit from them.

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