Story of Night vision instruments and indian Government

I still remember the time of kargil war when Indian was forced to fight with Pakistani intruders at the kargil hills. India got nearly surprised by the sudden positioning of the Pakistani militants at the hills. Initially Indian government thought that all this was an small movement of militants but later they discovered that it was serious matter and need a action by the Indian army. The militants were on the top of hills and Indian forces were on the down side of hill, so Indian forces decided to attack the militants in the night. However this action was not successful because militants were caring highly sophisticated night vision with them. On the other hand Indian army men do not have the necessary night vision devices, due which lot of Indian solider lost life in the battle. Militants have the necessary quantity of Night Vision Goggles, Binoculars & Night Vision Scopes. They have all the latest night vision devices which are comparable to the best in world. Finally in the middle of the war Indian government wake up and ordered to run a night vision instruments. All this shows the preparedness of over armies and attitude of our government. I got more shocked when I purchased my night vision binocular from This site contains all the leading brands like ATN Night Vision, Bushnell Night Vision, Carson Night Vision, ITT Night Vision and LOMO Night Vision etc. They even gave me free UPS because my order is more than $29.95. If I can get night vision binocular so easily then why our government is not able to provide it to our army men. It is really a shame for country like India, where corruption is still prevailing in every quarter of life.
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