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Beautiful Presentation of Happy New Year Cards (HD Video)

Here is the HD Video presentation of Happy New Year cards. In this presentation, you can watch number of beautiful new year cards. These cards are based on Beautiful True pictures of flowers and nature. These cards provide a great option to wish Happy New Year to dear ones.

Advantage of Latest more Secured Safes

Today, we can find many latest and more secured safes in the market to keep our valuable items safe. These safes are made with more advanced and latest technology to make them more secured. Every person knows that it is not easy to collect valuable items again and again. Therefore, every person looks for their safety at any level. Latest biometric gun safes are very popular in this category and large numbers of people are relying on them to keep their valuable items safe. People can easily order these safe online from parents companies at discounted price. At the end, the safety of our valuable items is in our hands and with latest safes, we can keep them safe and secure. Moreover, there is no harm in doing so and paying some money when we get a peace of mind in the return.

Fun of watching innocent games of Kids

There is great fun present in watching innocent games of small kids. Even a single kid at home can change the atmosphere of whole of home with his funny activities. Due to this reason large numbers of people love have kids at home because they keep them occupied and entertained. In our society, kids are always loved and they are treated with care and love by everyone. Kids are very innocent at heart and therefore, they win the hearts of others very easily. A kid can make an interesting activity from any general thing. Small children are very curious by nature and they observe everything very keenly. A single kid is enough to change the complete atmosphere of a home and making it a vibrating and happening place.  At some stage in life, every person goes through this experience with kids when a single or multiple kids enter his or her life and make it a happening place. 

Expectations Kill a Relationship

Whenever we do a good work for someone then we usually expect good returns from the same person. This feeling is called expectation where we expect something in the return of our favor. Expectations are very common in our world and we all go through these feelings often. Sometimes, we fight with our own expectation and sometimes, we fight expectations of others from us. People feel happy when their expectations are met and they feel sad when their expectations are not met. There are many examples present in front of us where many relationships die because of overdose of expectations. People expect so much from others that deligate cord of a relationship breaks away. Therefore, it important for every person to deal carefully with their own expectations and expectations of others; otherwise, expectations can be deadly for their important relationships. Generally, it is good to not expect much from others and deal carefully with expectations of others because it is very hard to impr

Life is present in Music

If any person wants to see life around the world than he can listen to many types of good music present in different parts of the world. The music is a great method in front of us to deeply see the basic life of different people and societies. Music also represents the life and culture of a society; therefore, to know other cultures, we first need to understand their music. Recently, I enjoyed a great music concert played on hofner guitar. The whole of the concept was very fine and I enjoyed the music greatly. People who love music they know its depth and tries to enjoy it deeply. We can find many musical instruments which play unique and very soothing music.

No one can get back the lost time

Time is like following water which never passes through a same place twice. However, large numbers of people don’t understand the great importance of time. Therefore, we see these people suffering with many problems in life. Those people who do not respect time then time also doesn’t show any respect for them. On the other hand, people who show respect for the time then time do show respect for them and help them in completing their dreams. To live a good life and become successful, it is highly important for any person to show great respect for the time. We all live in time and move with time; therefore, it is very important to show respect for time. We don’t have any existence in life without time. Sad part of life, people fail to equate with time and they never value its importance. We can make good or bad by valuing time. Success has always preferred those people in life who have value time in life, otherwise there is no shortcut for success in life. At the end, it is important

Your hatred can take someone’s life

Life can be very short for some people because no one knows exactly that how much time they have in life. However, sadly many people don’t consider this point and they try to ruin the life of others with hatred. It is not a right thing to hate someone because our hatred can cause problems for the other person. Hatred is like a poison which negatively affects everyone around us. Hatred does the job of damaging beautiful bond of love and affection. In the present world, the ego of people is becoming stronger so we are seeing increase the hatred. Hatred does the reverse job of love and it is very damaging for our society. Sadly our people remain more interested hatred than love. It is important to choose love over hatred because it does the love of healing. Hatred is one of the biggest reasons of most of problems in present world and sometimes, hatred can be very fatal. Many innocent people around the world lose their lives because of hatred. However, sadly no one has so strong understan

Children are innocent at heart

If we have to find innocence somewhere then we can easily find it in the heart of a child. A child has a very pure heart free from hatred for anyone. As people start growing they start gathering hatred for others in their mind. Today, we live in a world where trust among people in decreasing and their egos are becoming strong. On the other hand, children are away from such bad things of world and they see everyone with same eye. We adult can learn so many things from children despite having many degrees. We adult pretend lot but we forget about beauty of simplicity and trueness. Children never think about harming anyone emotionally or physically where as we adult mostly think about hurting others through our words or actions. We adult make life so complex that we don’t real beauty of life which lies in simple things of life.

Celebrate Life, it is a great Bless

It is very important for every person to celebrate life because it is a great bliss. The problem with large numbers of people is that they don’t recognize the value of life till they are alive. They only come to learn about the importance of life when they have no life in their hands. This is story of the majority of people who miss life when it is happening most. However, it is not their complete fault because they are conditioned in such manner from childhood. People are told to worry so much about many things that they forget to worry about the simple life. Everything in life has its importance; however, life is the most important thing which about which we mostly forget. The saddest thing about life is that we can’t get back time which passes away. You may get rich or gather lots of wealth but your never going to buy back your life with this wealth.

Example of an intelligent Truck Driver Video

Here is a good video for you in which you can see a truck driver using his skills to do a difficult work with ease. After watching this video, you can also notice his great art. Time to time, we get many such examples where people do amazing things by using their mind. When I first watched this video then I find it hard to believe in my eyes. 

Android- Don't miss this Train

Today, Google’s android is a big success because there are billions of devices across the worlds which are operating on android based software. Android is undoubtedly the number player in smart phones and tablet segment; though, we can find its presence on many other electronic devices too. Any website, application or web solution which is not optimized for android then they are missing millions of visitors daily because large numbers of people now use android based devices to reach the internet. Due to this reason, it is very important to be on android to get easy access to millions of new visitors. The other good news is that revenue from android based devices is 3 to five times higher than conventional models. Therefore, I will say that it is a good option to try android and we actively present on it to reach a wider audience which was earlier hidden from you.

Don’t Try to Control my Life

Today, we see rise of frustration among people because they find themselves unable to control their lives . There are some people in world who try to influence and control lives of others . They don’t want them to live their own lives but instead they want them to move according to them. Here we can give an example of parents who even tries To influence and control the lives of their adult children. Up to certain, it is the duty of parents to guide their children for their betterment however, after attaining adulthood; it is choice of children to live their lives accordingly.  But such parents don’t want their children to grow independently. Due to such Habit, the main damage occurs in the fragile relationship of parents and children . Sometimes, this hatred grows so high that beautiful relationship of parents and children die an ugly death. It is important for the parents to understand that their children have attained adulthood and they can take decisions of their life

Human Ego is greatest Villain

If someone asks me that Whom I believe the biggest villain then I will reply it is the human ego. Today, we live in a world where human ego has increased very much and everyone is just interested in his self glory. This is sad part of an egoist that he didn’t see The negative sides of life; however, remains busy in highlighting negative sides of others lives . Moreover, this circle of ego is so complex that any person who enters it never returns back.   To some extent , we all are victim of human ego and take many decisions in life which originate from our ego. The decisions which we take under the influence of the ego are mostly wrong because they are taken by considering only side of life. Today, humanity suffers in a big way because human ego is becoming stronger and stronger. We are only thinking about ourselves while leaving behind others. Due to this approach, we see a world full of hatred and violence. Therefore, I believe that the human ego is the biggest villain

To tackle early winters

This time winters are one month earlier in northern India and already snowfall has started on the upper reaches of the Himalayas. Due to snow on upper hills, most of parts of northern India are seeing dips in temperature. Now it is common to see most of the people in woolens to save themselves from sweaters. It is always advisable to keep oneself safe in winters because otherwise anyone can fall ill. People can buy a bed warmer to stay warm at night when we face maximum cold. In the market, we can mind many products to save ourselves from extreme cold. I wish everyone a warm and healthy winter season ahead.

Race to Spread messages on Social Media

Presently, we are seeing a great race to spread messages across the people through social media. The main reason behind this move is increasing the reach of social media. Through, social media, it is much easier to reach people within a few minutes while otherwise it is not practically possible. Therefore, large numbers of people are using social media to spread their messages. Social media has become very popular among political parties because they find it very easy to reach millions of people within short span of time. Today, everyone is present on social media; therefore, it has become quite reasonable to influence people through this medium. Moreover, the reach of social media is constantly increasing with time and it is reaching those parts of life where no media even reached. Due to this reason, incoming times, use of social media to spread messages will only increase.

Traveling is a Great Fun

I am a great fan of travelling and I never miss an opportunity to travel around the world whenever I get a chance. The amazing thing about our world is that there are so many things to enjoy present in different parts of the world. There are so many places around the world that the complete lifetime of a person is not enough to enjoy all these places. There are many countries around the world who earn handsome revenue by promoting tourism in their nations and we can find tourism ministry in every country because every nation knows the potential of wealth coming through tourists. In the present world, it has become very easy to travel to different parts of world because whole of the world is connected through various transportation channels. Every country tries hard to make stay of tourists comfortable in their nation because they know satisfied tourists will come again and again to their country and will refer many new tourists. In the off season, we can find many attractive deals o

It is really Cool to get Cashback on all Orders

It is really cool to get cashback on all orders when you buy online. Recently, I came across a site which offers you cashback on all orders made by you. The good news is that you can get cashback in the tune to 5 to 20% on original order price . Moreover, you get cashback on orders even after using coupons codes. First when I read this ad then I didn’t believe on it; however, after using it for two times, I can say everyone can get cashback . You get cashback in your bank account once it reaches above Rs 250. They offer free NEFT transfers to any bank account in India. I hope many people will get advantage of this offer to save big money on online buying. The complete process is very simple, you can browse all offers available on their site and by clicking any offer you activate this offer. After this you are only required to make online sale . Within 4 to 72 hours, you start seeing cashback in your account. Isn’t it simple.

Happy Deepawali for Everyone

I wish everyone Happy and Prosperous Deepawali. I wish on this festival day, Goddesses Lakshmi completes all of your wishes. I request you to enjoy a pollution free and safe Deepawali for the sake of environment.

Adventure of Travelling

There is a great adventure associated with travelling and lots of people enjoy it. I also do love to travel and never miss an opportunity to travel. Though, it is not easy to travel on Indian roads because many people don’t follow driving rules. Therefore, it becomes very difficult and risky to drive on Indian roads. On Indian roads, we can find huge numbers of people who don’t have knowledge of basic driving rules. Moreover, corruption is high in the system and many people get driving licenses without having proper skills and documents. On Indian rule, it is hard to expect people following 100% driving rule because many don’t even know them. The other risk comes from high numbers of two-wheelers on the Indian road who mostly drive very fast and don’t care for driving rules. Slowly, people are becoming aware of driving rules but still lots of more is required to be done.

Difficulty in finding Plus size clothes

Today, the number of women with plus sizes is increasing around the world due to different reasons. Many of such women live a very active life; therefore they need good clothes for the different occasions. However, we all know that it is very easy to find plus size clothes in the market; therefore, such women face a great difficulty in selecting the right clothes for different occasions. But thanks to online stores like, women with plus size finds it very easy to get the clothes of their size. This site is dedicated to active women with plus size and such women can find a huge variety of clothes for them on this site.

You should celebrate if you are alive

Many people look for reasons to celebrate in life and most of the times; they don’t even find a single reason to celebrate. Here I want to remind you that if you are alive then it is a big reason to celebrate for you. If still you are not celebrating then you don’t value life. This is a very common story of large people who don’t value life. Being alive and healthy is a great bliss; therefore, it is important for us to celebrate it. Not all people in this world get a chance to celebrate this bliss. I know many people failed miserably to understand this gift of god. They went from the world weeping and without celebration. On the other hand, they enjoyed a good life and health for whole life. I will say start enjoying life before it is too late for you. Life is a very short guest and we don’t meet this guest twice. Therefore, you should value life and enjoy it.

Your focus decides your success

Many people fail in life again and again; however, they fail to understand that why are failing. The answer is simple lack of focus in life. To attain success in life, it is very important to have a good focus. Unless you don’t focus on your goals, you are never going to succeed. People fail because they focus on many things at a same time. They want to become successful in many things at a single time and in the end, they fail in everything.  Large numbers of people in the world have problem in focusing on single goal; therefore, the net result is mostly a failure. On the other hand, few individuals to learn to focus hard succeed in life and achieve great height. Now it depends on you that you want success or not. If you want success very badly then you should start focusing on your goal. In general, there is no exact mantra for success; however, anyone can increase chances of his success many times by learning to focus on his goal single mindedly.

Craze for most stylish watches

Every person who loves style and fashion then he knows the value of a good watch, and it can make him an attractive person. Today, we can find many wrist watches in the market which enhances the look of a person. I love wrist watches and I have dozens of different watches for different occasions. I love attractive cool Movado watches because they provide a great look and style. Today, it has become very easy to buy watches and we can buy all braded watches online at a good discount. Wrist watches have always remained in demand and they are likely to remain as popular in the near future too. The good point is that good branded watches last for many years, therefore, you can use them again and again.

Get a dose of Motivation (Great Motivational Video)

From time to time in life, it is very important to get a good dose of motivation in life because numbers of times we feel disheartened and disoriented. At this point, we look for a good motivation. Here is one such great motivational video which can add new life force to your body. When you become motivated then you also increase your chances of success in life. Therefore, always remain motivated in life and enjoy great bliss of life.

Festival of Deepawali and Noise Pollution

Deepawali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and every year, we see great enthusiasm among people for this festival. On this day, people wear new clothes and exchange sweets with friends and relatives. At the night, many people crack cracker and burn candles and diyas to celebrate Deepawali. However, the saddest point is those crackers create lots of noise and air pollution. Next morning, it becomes very difficult to breathe properly.  Many innocent birds also become victim of these fire crackers and die on the day of Deepawali. Therefore, we all are required to understand that we should not kill innocent birds and pollute our environment on the name of the festival. Inside of making Deepawali a competition of crackers, it is important to explore other possibilities of helping needy people. I request everyone to minimize the use of cracker on this Deepawali so that we can enjoy a noise and pollution free Deepwali.

Women and beauty of their Hairs

Women hairs play a vital role in increasing the beauty of any women; therefore, no woman in the world misses a chance to make her hairs look beautiful. There are many options available in front of women to style their hair for different occasions. Many women do use hairpieces do style their hair and look attractive. In the market and online, we can easily find many designs and varieties of hairpieces for women. The options available in front of women to style their hairs are very wide and they can select an option which suits their hairs best. By using add-ons and additional hair style options become can give extra beauty to their hair.

Having Energy Like a baby or Child

Mostly, we find babies and small children will abundance of energy. They always feel energetic and remain ready to play any time. We hardly find any sign of lack of energy in them. It is not wrong to say that they enjoy life fully. On the other, it is very hard to find energetic people. We mostly see unhappy people with lack of energy. Why there is so much difference in the energy levels of a small child and an adult. The answer to this question is simple, adult people lose most of their energy on thinking. Adults remain so much worried about past and future; they waste 95% of their vital energy on thinking only. While a child lives in present and uses 100% of his energy for present moment. Therefore, we see small babies and children very energetic. If you also want to stay active like small babies then you should also stop worrying about past and future. In this way, you will stop wasting your energy on thinking and become a highly energetic person.

Becoming victims of Ego

Today, most of people are unhappy in life because they are becoming victim of ego and their ego is misleading them in life. To live a free life, it is very important for us to move above ego and start seeing the world with fresh and unbiased eyes. We live in a world where people have inflated egos and they don’t see others near them. Due to this reason, we see high levels of hatred in our society. People fail to trust others because their ego doesn’t allow them to do so. In all major religions of world, it is said that we should kill our ego first to become a good human being. However, on the reverse we see a present world which is built on ego. Therefore, we see great unhappiness in the present world. If you want to live a good and happy life then it is important for you to not victim of ego and start living a life free of ego.

To Shop online and get amazing deals

Recently, I got surprised to see some amazing deals on online and I saved 15 to 30% on many useful and branded products with these deals. There are many discount options and solution available online to save big money which you can’t save on regular stores. When you first see these offers then they look very unrealistic; however, when you get cashback or better discounts than you believe yourself. Similarly, I found very good pillow and cushion deals online and saved good money on my purchase. I will like to advise everyone to check online deals before buying products in the local market because in this way, they can save good money every month.

Take Yourself to Next Level of Excellence

After achieving one milestone in life, it is important to look for other milestone because life doesn’t stop at a single win. We need to make it habit to win again and again till we survive in this world. If even we fail at some time then we should not worry because we should work on improving our skills then repenting on failure. Excellence is the birth right of every human being and we should work in this direction to achieve it. People who learn to accept failure in positive manner always work to improve their skills further. When one becomes excellent in his field then it is not possible for him to remain unsuccessful for a long time. The main difference between success and failure is due to the level of commitment with oneself to get success. People who are strongly committed to getting success definitely achieve success in life. Moreover, it is important to work on improving one’s skills the thinking about success or failure because success always follows excellence in life.

We all are made up of Vibration Energy

As the science is advancing and we are seeing evolutions of new technology to see those things which were never seen before. One such outcome which is coming out is that whole of universe is made up of energy and only difference between all of us is level of vibration energy. In simple words, we can say that we are vibrational beings who constantly vibrate at molecular level. However, it is not possible for our eyes to see these vibrations because all this is happening at very micro level. Every living being or a dead matter is made of vibrations; though, everything is vibrating at a unique speed. Even all the dead matter which we perceive dead is actually not dead at a micro level because everything in the universe is vibrating. But due to the limitation of our eye-sight, we fail to see all this. We don’t see world at a micro level and it is main reason, we become blinded with false realities of world. To grow spiritually, we are required to understand our world at energy level. By

Trend of Designer Jewelry

Today, we are seeing trends for a designer or fashion jewelry because people are finding many attractive options in them at affordable rates. With the prices of gold and other precious metals going very high, many people are opting for designer jewelry. We can easily find many attractive options and designs in jewelry which we may not find in other type of jewelries. People can look for fashion jewelry wholesale an option to buy this jewelry at great discount. There are many stores online which offers such service. In the coming times, fashion jewelry is likely to become an integral part of our life because of great options of many beautiful designs in it. It is right of every woman to look beautiful and, they can achieve it by wearing stylish fashion jewelry.

Real Freedom is Freedom of Mind

Most of people live in this as prisoners of mind and they believe that they are free because they live in a free country. These people become so much depended on their mind and perceptions that they live life according to such beliefs. In this way, they live a life which actually society or others put in their mind from childhood. To told to live in a certain way to enjoy life and remain blessed; however, by doing so we live life as designed from another person for us. In the present world, we can become free from false beliefs and preconditioning to live life as we desire. To live a free life, we are first required to free our mind from all junk which has entered our mind from last many years. We need to learn to live in the present moment without allowing any negative energy of past to enter it. In this way, we can enjoy every second of life and become really free. Today, we are either so much occupied by past preconditioning or we remain worried about the future too much. The tim

Making yourself free from False Religious Beliefs

Today, we see many fake religious practices taking place around us and many innocent people become victim of these false believes and suffer in big way. Recent example of many innocent young girls suffering on the hands of a fake religious Guru is one such example. The sad part is that there are many more such examples present around India where false Gurus are exploiting innocent people and making huge money. Now time has come when we should take action against such false Gurus and false religious practices present in India. We can’t allow more innocent people and young girls to suffer. Mostly, these false Gurus make blind faith of people a shield to avoid law. However, now people are slowly realizing badness present behind good faces of these false gurus. It is a big crime to exploit innocent people on the name of religious but sadly, it is very common in our world. People become so blinded in faith that they become ready to do anything. In future, I hope that more of such fraud

Affiliate Marketing- A good tool to make money

Affiliate marketing is one of popular online revenue generation schemes and there millions of online users and webmasters which are earning money through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you become affiliate of an online web-store or company and promote their products online. Whenever a sale takes place through affiliate id then he gets pre-decided commission. There are many online sites and stores which offer pretty good affiliate commissions and there are many affiliates who are earning in the tune of millions of rupees. However, to earn with an affiliate program, you need to have strong patience because to get sales you need good online audience, and it is important to target right audience with right product. Potential of earning money with affiliate marketing is very high; however, you need combination of hard work and patience. Moreover, you are constantly required to learn new things and research about customers to make right targeting. Today, we can find many t

It is important to keep yourself relaxed

If any person wants to live long then he should keep himself relaxed because when we relax our body then we increase its power to fight illness. Today, we see increase in nervousness, stress and agitation in common people and as a result, we see emergence many medical complications like sugar, High BP, IBS, mental disorders etc. The major reason behind these problems is un-relaxed body. If we keep our body under stress for long time then soon, many health problems become visible. On the other hand, a relaxed body hardly sees any of such health complications. Therefore, you must spare some time for relaxation because every part of body including brain needs relaxation. A relaxed body and mind work more strongly and helps us in fight against common health problems. Sleep is a great solution provided by nature to relax human body; however, now many people don’t get proper sleep and therefore, their body remains un-relaxed. Meditation is other good option to keep body and mind in rela

Must watch Great Comedy Performance by Kapil Sharma

Today, Kapil Sharma has become a big name in comedy and it is always a fun to watch his performance. Here is one such great performance by Kapil Shrma for you which will make you laugh. This performance was given by Kapil Sharma during a award show in Toronto. I really enjoyed watch his great performance and hope, you will also enjoy it. So laugh and only laugh with great Punjabi Tadka by Kapil Sharma.

To see the world through a Photographer’s Eye

Our world is a very beautiful place and here, we can see great beauty of world through a good photographer’s eye. Around the world, we see many beautiful places and with the help of a decent camera, we can capture many amazing pictures. Many times, we fail to see minor details and beauty of small-small objects. I was also not aware of such minor details of life, until I started taking pictures with my DSLR camera. Amazingly, I discover that life even beautiful than we actually see it. Photographers around the world help all of us to see beauty of life in a magnified manner. A photograph stores instant beauty of a creature, object or nature for whole life. Through, photographs pictures remain alive forever. I love photography because it helps me in discovering hidden beauty of life which I may never saw. I still need to learn lot in photography; however, I am happy that I am moving fast in right direction. More I take picture, more I desire emerge inside me to take new pictures.

Great Show Comedy nights with Kapil

Today, “Comedy Nights with Kapil” show doesn’t need any introduction because this show has become very-very popular. It is hard work of all team members of this show that this has become number one show. Recently, this show got one setback when whole of show’s set got burned. This incidence has caused some delay in shooting of show; however, all fans of this show know that this show will be back on track soon.  Kapil Sharma, the main comedian of show, has great comic timing and he makes us laugh many times. Even all other comedians of show like dadi, Bua, Guthi etc are great with their performances. The amazing thing about this show is that it has become popular in very short time which shows its uniqueness. Today, we live in a world full of tensions and stress; therefore, everyone loves to watch such laughter shows where they can smile and laugh. “Comedy nights with Kapil” is an international standard show and it is great fun to watch. I hope that we will get option to watch this

Politicians are biggest Dramebaaz

Recently, I show children show become very popular on Indian TV. The name of shows was Indias Best Dramebaaz. In this show, more than dozen child participant participated from different parts of India. They all are required to act in different ways and show their skills of dramebaazi. In this show, children did great acts and surprised many viewers. Similarly, now we are seeing great acts of Dramebaazi by Indian politics which are coming with new tricks to win 2014 Loksabha elections. In this race, no political party is behind and everyone wants to acts as best dramebaaz. With only few months left for the election, we see new dramas by these politicians. They are working hard to present a good image of themselves in public so that people votes for them. However, I want to remind these leaders that Indian common people know everything and they will decide when time in right. As the time for election will come close, so the chances of seeing such dramas by politicians will also incr

Women safety and Taser gun

Women safety is still a big issue around the world because women constantly become victim of crime. It is very common to hear news of rape and other crimes done against women. It is very hard to point a single part of world which is perfectly safe for women. The only option remain with women is to use products which can provide safety to them during emergency situations. One of such unique product is Taser gun which uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles and provide some time to women to run and reach a safe location. Taser gun is more effective than other products like sprays and they are very easy to use and maintain. Anyone can easily buy taser gun from many online sites witrh ease online shops. In a crime oriented world, it is very important for women use such innovative products because they can’t put their security alone in the hands of police and society.

It is very easy to refill ink cartridge

From last few months, I was unable to use my Canon Pixma printer because of no ink cartridges. The original cartridges were very highly priced; therefore, I was making my mind to buy new cartridges or get printing done from nearby shop. During my online search, I came across an easy to way to refill ink cartridges and bought refill ink for Rs 138 only with a free syringe. I went through print and video tutorial on refilling an ink cartridge and then, I refilled my ink cartridge.  Initially, I was worried about outcome of my action but thankfully, end result was perfectly fine and my printer is working great. With this method, I was found a cheap way to refill ink cartridges and make good prints at very affordable rate. If I can do this then I think anyone out there can do it. However, I will insist on getting proper knowledge before starting. Don’t trust a single video and tutorial, you should get accurate information from a reliable source before proceeding because there are videos

Communal Riots- A Shame for India

It is very hard to believe that we are still seeing communal riots in India. In present educated India, it is a shame to see such things happening. There are still many political parties who like to divide people on communal grounds so that they can get votes in their favor. However, such people do not know that today’s people are educated ones and they know well real intentions of politicians. Politicians in India are so hungry for power that they can go to any extent to secure votes. Recent communal riots in Muzaffarnagar are clear example of such intention of Indian politicians. The amazing fact is that it is not possible to pin-point a single political party because all parties are trying to use situation for their advantage. More than 50 innocent people lost their lives in these riots and still, we are unable to see any concrete action by police. All political parties are only busy in blaming each other. Today, people are more worried for good life and every person want a comm

Bad habit of excessively using credit card

The one of common bad habits of today’s world is over dependence of credit card and to use it excessively. By using a credit card, we borrow money from a lender and pays back huge sum if we fail to pay it on time. There are many examples of people who pay money through credit cards without having any real money in hand. Slowly, the habit of borrowing money on credit card increases, and finally, people land on big trouble. It is not wrong to use a credit card, but it is definitely wrong to over use it. A good limit on credit card doesn’t mean fat cash in your bank account. Therefore, whenever you pay through credit card, you should have a clear idea, how you will pay it back? With a balance of money in hand and making payments on credit card, you can make a right decision. If you don’t control your habit of over spending on credit card then you will definitely land in trouble one day.

Making money with Stock Market

There is no secret in this fact that anyone can make good money by investing properly in stock market. However, due to high level of risk associated with stock market investments, most of people like to keep away from investing money in stock market. I feel that risk in stock market investment may be very high but with proper research and planning, people can make good money in stock market. Anyone who wants to make money in stock market needs to research properly. The best way is to choose few stocks and then study them closely. With time, you will learn to invest at a time when a stock is ready to give good returns. However, first you are required to give your time to find best stocks and right moments to invest. The main advantage of stock market investment is that you can get 20 to 30% return in just few days only. By investing your money properly, you can increase your wealth considerably. It is possible in stock market to double your money in a year which you can’t achieve in

We are dealing with Facebook Generation

Facebook has entered very deeply in to the minds of present generation in India. It is very common to see most of youngsters busy with facebook. They don’t miss facebook at any cost. They always remain available on facebook. With the availability of facebook on mobile, it has become even easier for these youngsters to stay connected with world. We can call all this madness, a facebook fever. If we want to understand present generation then we need to understand their love for facebook. These youngsters are so much involved with facebook that they hardly find any time for real life activities. Many parents don’t like this association of facebook and youngsters, but it is a big reality of today. Few years back, no one would have imagined that social media will make so much impact on the lives of youngsters. There are many good and bad effects of facebook on youngsters. Though, I see most of good effects on social media but there are few examples of misuse of it. It is important for pa

How corruption has become image of India in International society?

At present, a fight is going on between IOC and IOA related to re-entry of India in Olympics. The main fight is due to IOC’s decision of not allowing corrupt people to head local Olympic bodies. But, Sadly Indian top names for Olympic association are involved in big corruption scandals. IOA is trying to justify its stand by stating that corruption related cases are still in investigation mode and court has not convicted such members so far. IOC rejected this statement of IOA and continued suspension of India from IOC. The biggest worrying sign is Indian government’s decision to back these corrupt members against whom cases are pending in court. Such issues present very wrong image of India on world map. Already, India is known as one of most corrupt nations of world and with this incidence, we are strengthening this belief of international society. In India, sports are highly politicized and strong politicians try to make money on the name of games. Due to this reason, the conditio

Extra edge of security for your Business computers and Laptops

Today, it is very hard to imagine running a business without using computers and laptops. Every organization or business uses many of such devices for the easy performance of various works. However, in the present world no computer or laptop is safe because external or internal threat always try to destroy your computers or laptops. To decrease this threat, it is important to use good security systems and software like avira professional. It is easy to buy such software at discounted rate for multiple computers. With good security software, most of threats for computers and laptops can be decreased significantly. With proper working of business computers and laptops, any business can hope to see increase in productivity.

Learn to enjoy Hard work

Most of people, who fail, are one, those run away from hard work. It is very important for all of us to keep this point in mind that it is near to impossible to achieve success in life without putting hard work in it. In general, people run away from hard work because every person is lazy by nature.  Harder the others try to make our mind for hard work, faster we try to run away from this situation. But by doing so, we actually harm ourselves only. In the long run fail and again fail in life. Soon people level us a failure and we lose vital motivation. On the other hand, we can become a great success in life when we learn to do hard work.  With constant hard work, we sharpen our skills and then no force in world can stop us from getting success in life. When people make it a habit to work hard then slowly and slowly, they start to enjoy doing it. In this way, they become great success in world. They always take difficult task in their hands and work even harder to achieve suc

How Indian Babas have become money making machines?

It is quite surprising to hear about huge wealth collected by Indian Babas and so called, spiritual Gurus. These Babas make crores of rupees on daily basis and their annual income is even higher than many big Private limited companies. However, strangely they are not required to pay any income tax whereas all innocent people have to pay income tax on their hard earned money. Why this double approach? From time to time, we hear news of frauds and illegal activities taking place at Ashrams of these Babas. The faith of people on these babas is so high that they don’t believe on any negative news related to these babas. So called spiritual, or religious Gurus use every kind of emotional and psychological tactics to influence their devotees. I don’t want to name any Baba or Guru, because I feel most of them are wrongly utilizing their power and influence. Many political parties also get their help to win elections; therefore, they emerge even stronger with time. Today, time has come to n

Internet has provided us great freedom

Internet has truly changed lives of billions of people across the world. The best thing which internet has given to all of us is freedom. It has made us free to communicate with anyone and through, multiple channels. Fifteen years back, it was not so easy to communicate with a person living on the other side of globe, but today you can do it in a single click. Internet has affected everything in some ways and it has made everything easier. Today, you can employee a person sitting in other country which was like a dream few years back. There are millions of people who work for people or organizations situated in other parts of world. We can call this time, a time of internet revolution. Every part of world is now connected with internet and speed of internet is increasing with time. Every country is working hard to provide fast and affordable internet to their countrymen. Still, lot of more potential is present in internet which is required to be utilized. The good point is that we ar provides a big resource of useful videos

Video tutorials provide a great opportunity to learn new skills and on site like youtube, we can find millions of such helpful videos. Mostly, we believe that youtube is all about entrainment; however, on this site, we can find plenty of useful and highly informative videos. These videos and guides tell you step by step, what you should do to accomplish a task. For example, any person interested in learning English can find useful video tutorials on youtube with step by step guide. The collection of such videos is so huge that you have more than enough material in your hands. So, the next time, when you face a difficult and wanted to get useful information then you should look for helpful videos present on youtube. With these best video tutorials in class, you can learn from the best teachers from around the world. There many people world who want to help others; therefore, they upload many useful videos on sites like youtube. Though, many times, we also came across unrelated or bad

Let others live their life Freely

This is a very common problem which we face in today’s world. Here everyone wants to live his or her life freely, but he doesn’t think same for others. Most of miseries, problems, angers, fights and frustrations of the present world are the result of this attitude of people. This attitude also highlights s selfish approach of a person. We blame others for their selfish behavior, but at the same time, we fail to see how selfishly We are acting. Real Freedom exits in living freely, and by allowing the same freedom to others. Sadly, we are happy to get our freedom but we fail to offer it to others. It is important for everyone to understand that our freedom works on give and take mechanism. When you offer freedom to others then in return, you expect freedom for yourself. You can’t afford to have two different rules for freedom. Other’s freedom is as important as we want freedom for us. Thus start respecting the freedom of others to enjoy your own freedom, or none of you will ha

Huge Wealth made by Babas and Spiritual Gurus in India

The most surprising thing about Babas, and so-called spiritual Gurus of India is not their great spiritual power but it is a huge wealth accumulated by them. Recently, I felt surprised after listening to a news report that one of such Baba has wealth worth Rs 850 Crore. How an ordinary looking Spiritual Guru can have such a huge wealth in a poor's country India? This is not a story of one Baba or Spiritual Guru in India; we can find plenty of them. It takes years for many organizations or companies to accumulate such wealth, and only few of them actually succeed, whereas, these Babas and so-called Gurus make money by just playing with religious emotions of people. Most of times what they teach to others, they never implement same in their life. Innocent people suffering from physical or emotional pain find some mental relief in their spiritual words, but sadly, Babas use this opportunity to suck money from people. These Babas and Gurus are biggest thieves of today, and their s

When a father burns his two daughters alive

In a very shocking incidence, a father burned alive his two daughter. He has total of four daughters and one son. He was upset for having four draughts and there were also news of neighbors making his fun for having four daughters. Therefore, according to news he was very upset because of all this. Yesterday, he become so frustrated that he burnt alive two of his daughters. This is very shocking news in country like India where girls and women are still not safe. I am also a parent and it is beyond my understanding that how a father can kill his child. It is sad part of society that it still differentiates between male and female children. Many innocent born and unborn girls become victim of this bad thinking of people and society. It is great shock to see all this even after so much of progress in society. It looks that this problem is very deep rooted in our society and we are required to take many more steps to stop all this. Centre and state governments have so far failed to a

People are very demanding

Today, we live in a world where people are very demanding and sometimes, we feel very hard to complete these demands of others. However to become successful in life, it is important for any person to be ready for such demands. Many times, we face very high demands from people which are very hard to complete; however, we are required to do our best. We live in a people’s world where people around us influence our life greatly. Some people provide great help to us while some other create difficulties for us. Therefore, in dealing with demanding people we are required to keep in mind type of people we are dealing with. It is always advisable to complete demands of helping and good people while we can avoid demands from bad people. Also we are required to keep in mind before completing a demand that we are in position to complete this demand or not.

You have to become a hard person to live a good life

We live in a world where we face numbers of human animals daily who try hard efforts to make you life miserable. Now if you are not a strong person then you can’t survive such hard world. Therefore, every person should make every effort to become a hard person otherwise this world will eat you one day. With constant efforts, we all can develop you to become a hard and strong person. In this world, we can easily find many people who can go to any extent to destroy you for their own gain. However, many people do not understand this thing or they understand it very late. Such people always become victim of this trend. Now it is your choice that you want to become a hard person and live a good life or want to become victim of world’s cruelty.

Always remember that you have to win at any cost

The greatest motivation which any person can gain in world is from his inner self only. If you are thinking to get motivation from external world then it is very hard to find such real help. Mostly, people see bad points in you because they do not bother to notice your positive points. Moreover, it is tendency of large numbers of people to convert others like them. Therefore, it is foolishness to think that such people will give any positive motivation to us. Our biggest guide and guru is our inner self only which always guide us in a true way. To listen to our inner self, we are first required to communicate with it and it can only happen when we learn to stop communicating with outer world. The world out there is full people who are only interested in themselves; therefore, it is very hard to find real help from them. Only you can get motivation from them if you start working as per their directions. This is biggest misery of our world where we face large numbers of selfish people

Death of 22 School Children due to Midday Meal- Clear Negligence of Bihar Government

After successive rules of Nitish Kumar, everyone started feeling that everything is fine in Bihar. However, again from last two years many bad news are coming from Bihar. Yesterday, 22 innocent school children died in Bihar after eating Midday meal and 50 other got ill. After this incident Bihar government looked totally helpless. According to government, they believe some controversy in this matter and there is no negligence on Government’s part.  This total statement is very shocking because it is responsibility of state government to insure good quality midday meal to students. However, Bihar government does not look to be in position to handle this problem. State chief minister did not find time to address public and other ministers are only looking for conspiracies. This is really sad state of Bihar again.  When it started looking that Bihar is coming out of worst past then one after another many loopholes in system again started emerging. One of TV Channel’s reporters v

For Book Lovers- Find Daily New Kindle Books for Free

There is one thing very interesting about Kindle that it makes very easy to read book. Any person can read multiple books from different devices with the help of Kindle software or Kindle device. Today, it is not necessary that you should have kindle device to read kindle ebooks because you can download free kindle software on multiple devices like PC, tablet and smart phone. The other good thing about Kindle is daily availability of many ebooks for free.  You can download multiple books for free by checking daily free book deals by visiting With this offer, any person can download hundreds of free books in a year. To find free kindle ebooks just visit and search for today free books. Many times, you can land on best titles for free. Therefore, I will recommend all book lovers to first download Kindle and then start searching for free books. 

Weak Eyesight of Children

Today, numbers of such children is increasing fast who have a weak eye sight . There may be many reasons behind it however , main reason of this problem is lack of essential nutrients in Indian children foods. Due to either poverty or ignorance, many parents do not give proper diet to their children and therefore, they face shortage of essential nutrients in their body. As per a Govt report majority of Indian kids lack good and nutrient rich food. Though, Vitamin A dosages are given to children through local dispensaries; however, this effort alone is not enough. With Good diet to children, many parents can avoid problems in their kids like weak eyesight. Otherwise only option to correct eye problem is children s prescription glasses. We can clearly see increase in numbers of children wearing glasses. In recent development, govt of India has took some steps like insuring proper food to every person in India and we can hope that such steps will mark end of such issues.

We love children because of their innocence

One of major attractions of any child is his innocence and it is main factor which attracts us towards children. Sometimes, we may feel angry after seeing their foolish moves; however, soon we realize that they are very innocent in nature. It is very hard for any person to remain angry with a child because they know very well to make us happy again. In present world, many people have forgotten numbers of basic human attributes which we can easily learn from children.  They come to this world with a clean mind and they remain open for everyone. After the birth of my son, one and half years back I feel that they have learned many things from him. He is always a constant source of happiness for me; though, I also get angry with him; however, due to his innocence my anger does not last long. Today, we are seeing a trend where youngsters do not want marriages and kids. From my experience, I will say that they are doing a biggest mistake. If any wants to see god then kids are great exa

Success comes with step by step efforts

Today, we live a world where everyone looks to be in hurry. We all want success so fast that we do not want to wait. Everyone is looking for a formula of instant success and due to all this hurry; we are seeing increase in numbers of frustrated people. It is important for us to understand that success come with step by step hard efforts. For example, if you are planning to achieve a big goal then you should divide it in to numbers of small-small goals.  Now focus on these small goals one by one. After achieving one small goal, you should move towards next goal. By doing so whole process of achieving success will become very easy for you. On the other, if you try to finish a goal in hurry then you are likely to land as a failure. Now it is yours choice, how you want to go about it. Every successful person of today world has achieved big success after completing many small successes in life. You should give importance to small-small success in life because when they are combined th

Trend of Late marriages and arising difficulties

Today, we are seeing a new trend in India where large numbers of educated people opting for late marriages because of numbers of reason. One of first reasons of late marriages is carrier development before marriage. Many youngsters believe that they can postpone their marriage till they achieve their carrier goals. However in this race for carrier goal, they sometime cross their prime and later find it hard to get a suitable match.  Other reasons of going for marriage late are trend of remaining single as long as you can and non-availability of match as per desire. Today, desires of people about perfect match have gone very higher and they look for many things. The main difficult comes ahead when they ask for much higher than they deserve.  In my locality, there are 10 plus such people who are 30 plus and struggling to find a good match. It is responsibility of parents to educate their children about benefits of marriage on right time. In present stressful world, life becomes

Now self publish your books with KDP Amazon

It is a dream of every author to publish a book one day; however, up to few years back it was very difficult to publish a book because of cost of publishing a book was high. Therefore, it was like a dream for new writers to publish a book. Now this wait has gone with KDP self publish service by Amazon. This service allows new and established writers to publish their book for free to Kindle readers.  Today, there are millions of Kindle readers and they constantly look for new and good books. Moreover, Amazon is offering 70% share of profit to writers; therefore, it is a great way to publish a book and make good money from it. After the success of book on Kindle, writer can easily publish hard copy of their book with other services offered by Amazon.  I have found this option very interesting and ready with few manuscripts and hope to publish my book in next few days. If you are also a writer or planning to write a book then must think about publishing your book to kindle. Whol

Learn Music to Relax

Today, we all are living a very hectic and fast life where we do not get much time to relax. Moreover, when we have time to relax, then we do not know how to relax. Now a good solution is available in our hands in the form of learning music to relax. You can learn music to relax because music has great potential to relax tensed brain. We can find many good music teachers in every part of India to learn music and it has also become very easy to get parts of music instruments of big brands . With option of international online shopping, people can order music related products from international countries too. So now remain relaxed by learning music.

Character of a person comes out in difficult situation

There are numbers of news of good and bad people coming from many parts Uttrakhand. There are reports of people who lost everything to save others and simultaneously, there is news of people who over charged needy people, stole their money and cut body parts of dead for gold.  This shows real character of people. It is shame on people who are indulging in such bad acts. At this point of time, it was need of hour to help other victims; however, some evil minded people used it as an opportunity to make money. Many survivors claimed that they paid up to Rs 200 of a single water bottle and Rs 500 for food.  On the other hand, many good people gave everything for the help of needy people. Good people arranged free food and water for others and saved many lives. Both these examples show real character of people and how during difficult time, real character of people comes out. 

Be ready to work hard

Any person who wants success in life must be ready for extra hard work because it is not possible for any person to attain success in life without putting hard efforts for success. Hard work always pays a person; however, it is in our mindset to remain more depended on luck.  We always want luck to do some favor and does not trust own hard work. It is hard to find a single person in world who has failed despite putting all hard work. Though, sometimes we fail despite hard work because we are not fully competent for certain work. It does not mean that we have failed because of hard work; it only means that we were slightly less prepared for success and by putting some more hard work we can easily gain success.  So, next time do not wait for luck to do some magic instead put your full trust on hard work. When you will develop such attitude then success is not far away for you.  

Your mental health is equally important as your physical health

In India, we see very less awareness again people about mental health. Here people spend huge money on physical treatments; however, they do not care about mental problems. The biggest reason of this trend is very less awareness among people about mental health problems. Due to their ignorance, people do not see mental health problems as major health risks. However, there are many studies which clearly show that mental health problems are same way dangerous as physical health problems. Slowly, awareness is increasing among people about mental health problems and they are getting treatment for it; however, numbers of such people is very less. Still many people take refuge in super natural or black magic to solve such problems. They believe that this is done by evil things and there is no problem with their mental health. However, in 99% of cases these are mental disorders and they can be treated by consulting a good physician qualified in mental health. As per one report numbers of

Failure of State machinery at Uttrakhand

Even after seven days of massive cloud burst near Kedarnath thousands of people are still trapped at different in this valley. All these people are thirst, hungry and injured; however, there is no one to take care of them. Uttrakhand government machinery has totally failed from day one and only hope for people is from Army and other armed forces. Air force is recovering many people from different places with the help of helicopters because road connectivity has totally damaged. Many injured people are dying because of no medical treatment and food. We can see massive anger among people against the Uttrakhand government. Uttrakhand is prone to such disasters and similar disasters happen every year; however, it looks that Uttrakhand government did not make any preparation to handle such problems. Today, whole of country is in pain by seeing bad condition of thousands of pilgrims. Many rescued people blamed administration for rescuing influential or rich people first instead of poor

Do not travel to hill places during rains

From the last week devastation in Uttrakhand due to cloud burst thousands of people suffered. Even after six days rescue work is still continuing and government says that it will take seven more days to rescue all people. This incidence has highlighted side effects of travelling to a hilly place in rains. During rains, hills become very soft and landslides occur.  Every year, many people lose their lives in these landslides. Now days cloud bursts have also become very common due to deforestation. As per news, two cloud bursts simultaneously occurred near Kedarnath Dham and their combined effect caused so much damage. In India, we do not have strong mechanism to fight these natural disasters; therefore, many people suffer during such events.  One of option in front of people to save them is to not travel or visit hilly places during rains.  Despite all claims by state government, we do not see strong actions on ground. Therefore, our safety is in our hands only and we can save

Save at least 20% of your income for Safe Future

The biggest mistake which large numbers of people do in life is not saving anything at all. They mostly feel that they will save later and they go on postponing it. There are many examples of people in world who have nothing as their savings even after working for thirty or forty years. This is very wrong habit and such habits can create many problems for us any time. No one knows exactly that when difficult time will strike him and during such time, saved money can become our best rescuer. In difficult times, no one comes near to you; therefore, it is important for you to save good money for such situations. Mostly, it is in our mind to spend all money today because we do not know how to manage our money and we find many need to fulfill and so less money to spend. In situation if we say someone to save money then he will say that he has no money to save. However, actually we all can change our mental attitude by changes this thinking pattern. Start saving at least 20% of your ear

Why Uttrakhand Government was not prepared to tackle this problem?

Today, large numbers of people are simply asking this question that why Uttrakhand government was not prepared to handle this problem. Why even after five days of cloud burst and heavy rain, it is still not able to provide primary relief to millions of people who become victim of sudden cloud burst.  Many eye witnesses say that they have seen hundreds of dead bodies; however, government says death of 100 plus people only. Government only looks to justify its stand and showing its helplessness. Still there are thousands of people waiting for relief at different places.  Government has put 22 helicopters in to action for evacuation of people; however, this whole process is working very slowly. There are still many parts where no official help has reached so far. In developed countries, we see good coordination in relief work; therefore, very less numbers of human causalities occur there during environmental calamities.  However, in India we are neither prepared nor we want

Your competition is with yourself only

Today, we live in a highly competitive world where we are constantly forced to compete with many people. We are told from childhood to compete with others and as we grow, we have this mental attitude to compete with everyone.  We become so much obsessed with competing that we start competing with everyone and see everyone as our enemy. Due to this attitude, we only increase stress for ourselves and loss many valuable relationships in life.  On the other hand, we can live life in a much better way if we learn to compete with our self only. Competition with self makes us an improved human being because we constantly look to enhance our skills. In this way, we grow as a strong and happy human being.  With this mental attitude, we no more see others as our competitors and harmony in our relationships increases many times. If you also want to live a happy and stress free life then start competing with yourself instead of competing with others.