Making yourself free from False Religious Beliefs

Today, we see many fake religious practices taking place around us and many innocent people become victim of these false believes and suffer in big way. Recent example of many innocent young girls suffering on the hands of a fake religious Guru is one such example. The sad part is that there are many more such examples present around India where false Gurus are exploiting innocent people and making huge money.

Now time has come when we should take action against such false Gurus and false religious practices present in India. We can’t allow more innocent people and young girls to suffer. Mostly, these false Gurus make blind faith of people a shield to avoid law. However, now people are slowly realizing badness present behind good faces of these false gurus. It is a big crime to exploit innocent people on the name of religious but sadly, it is very common in our world. People become so blinded in faith that they become ready to do anything. In future, I hope that more of such fraud Religious Gurus will find place behind bars.
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