We love children because of their innocence

One of major attractions of any child is his innocence and it is main factor which attracts us towards children. Sometimes, we may feel angry after seeing their foolish moves; however, soon we realize that they are very innocent in nature. It is very hard for any person to remain angry with a child because they know very well to make us happy again. In present world, many people have forgotten numbers of basic human attributes which we can easily learn from children. 

They come to this world with a clean mind and they remain open for everyone. After the birth of my son, one and half years back I feel that they have learned many things from him. He is always a constant source of happiness for me; though, I also get angry with him; however, due to his innocence my anger does not last long. Today, we are seeing a trend where youngsters do not want marriages and kids. From my experience, I will say that they are doing a biggest mistake. If any wants to see god then kids are great example in front of us to see many features of god. 
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