Politicians are biggest Dramebaaz

Recently, I show children show become very popular on Indian TV. The name of shows was Indias Best Dramebaaz. In this show, more than dozen child participant participated from different parts of India. They all are required to act in different ways and show their skills of dramebaazi. In this show, children did great acts and surprised many viewers.

Similarly, now we are seeing great acts of Dramebaazi by Indian politics which are coming with new tricks to win 2014 Loksabha elections. In this race, no political party is behind and everyone wants to acts as best dramebaaz. With only few months left for the election, we see new dramas by these politicians. They are working hard to present a good image of themselves in public so that people votes for them.

However, I want to remind these leaders that Indian common people know everything and they will decide when time in right. As the time for election will come close, so the chances of seeing such dramas by politicians will also increase.
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