You should celebrate if you are alive

Many people look for reasons to celebrate in life and most of the times; they don’t even find a single reason to celebrate. Here I want to remind you that if you are alive then it is a big reason to celebrate for you. If still you are not celebrating then you don’t value life. This is a very common story of large people who don’t value life. Being alive and healthy is a great bliss; therefore, it is important for us to celebrate it. Not all people in this world get a chance to celebrate this bliss.

I know many people failed miserably to understand this gift of god. They went from the world weeping and without celebration. On the other hand, they enjoyed a good life and health for whole life. I will say start enjoying life before it is too late for you. Life is a very short guest and we don’t meet this guest twice. Therefore, you should value life and enjoy it.
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