Human Ego is greatest Villain

If someone asks me that Whom I believe the biggest villain then I will reply it is the human ego. Today, we live in a world where human ego has increased very much and everyone is just interested in his self glory. This is sad part of an egoist that he didn’t see The negative sides of life; however, remains busy in highlighting negative sides of others lives. Moreover, this circle of ego is so complex that any person who enters it never returns back. 

 To some extent, we all are victim of human ego and take many decisions in life which originate from our ego. The decisions which we take under the influence of the ego are mostly wrong because they are taken by considering only side of life. Today, humanity suffers in a big way because human ego is becoming stronger and stronger. We are only thinking about ourselves while leaving behind others. Due to this approach, we see a world full of hatred and violence. Therefore, I believe that the human ego is the biggest villain in the present world. 
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