Success comes with step by step efforts

Today, we live a world where everyone looks to be in hurry. We all want success so fast that we do not want to wait. Everyone is looking for a formula of instant success and due to all this hurry; we are seeing increase in numbers of frustrated people. It is important for us to understand that success come with step by step hard efforts. For example, if you are planning to achieve a big goal then you should divide it in to numbers of small-small goals. 

Now focus on these small goals one by one. After achieving one small goal, you should move towards next goal. By doing so whole process of achieving success will become very easy for you. On the other, if you try to finish a goal in hurry then you are likely to land as a failure. Now it is yours choice, how you want to go about it. Every successful person of today world has achieved big success after completing many small successes in life. You should give importance to small-small success in life because when they are combined then it become a big success. 
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