Your hatred can take someone’s life

Life can be very short for some people because no one knows exactly that how much time they have in life. However, sadly many people don’t consider this point and they try to ruin the life of others with hatred. It is not a right thing to hate someone because our hatred can cause problems for the other person. Hatred is like a poison which negatively affects everyone around us. Hatred does the job of damaging beautiful bond of love and affection. In the present world, the ego of people is becoming stronger so we are seeing increase the hatred.
Hatred does the reverse job of love and it is very damaging for our society. Sadly our people remain more interested hatred than love. It is important to choose love over hatred because it does the love of healing. Hatred is one of the biggest reasons of most of problems in present world and sometimes, hatred can be very fatal. Many innocent people around the world lose their lives because of hatred. However, sadly no one has so strong understanding of life and respect for love.
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