Death of 22 School Children due to Midday Meal- Clear Negligence of Bihar Government

After successive rules of Nitish Kumar, everyone started feeling that everything is fine in Bihar. However, again from last two years many bad news are coming from Bihar. Yesterday, 22 innocent school children died in Bihar after eating Midday meal and 50 other got ill. After this incident Bihar government looked totally helpless. According to government, they believe some controversy in this matter and there is no negligence on Government’s part. 

This total statement is very shocking because it is responsibility of state government to insure good quality midday meal to students. However, Bihar government does not look to be in position to handle this problem. State chief minister did not find time to address public and other ministers are only looking for conspiracies. This is really sad state of Bihar again. 

When it started looking that Bihar is coming out of worst past then one after another many loopholes in system again started emerging. One of TV Channel’s reporters visiting many schools in Bihar and they find live insects in midday meal supplied to students. After such incidences how chief minister of Bihar can claim that they have improved ground realties in Bihar.   
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