Failure of State machinery at Uttrakhand

Even after seven days of massive cloud burst near Kedarnath thousands of people are still trapped at different in this valley. All these people are thirst, hungry and injured; however, there is no one to take care of them. Uttrakhand government machinery has totally failed from day one and only hope for people is from Army and other armed forces.

Air force is recovering many people from different places with the help of helicopters because road connectivity has totally damaged. Many injured people are dying because of no medical treatment and food. We can see massive anger among people against the Uttrakhand government. Uttrakhand is prone to such disasters and similar disasters happen every year; however, it looks that Uttrakhand government did not make any preparation to handle such problems.

Today, whole of country is in pain by seeing bad condition of thousands of pilgrims. Many rescued people blamed administration for rescuing influential or rich people first instead of poor or needy or injured people. Under such circumstances it is totally wrong to do favouritism. Already, there is news of rains at several places in Uttrakhand where rescue work is going on. At this point, I pray to god for the early recue of all people trapped at different places.
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