Weak Eyesight of Children

Today, numbers of such children is increasing fast who have a weak eye sight. There may be many reasons behind it however, main reason of this problem is lack of essential nutrients in Indian children foods. Due to either poverty or ignorance, many parents do not give proper diet to their children and therefore, they face shortage of essential nutrients in their body. As per a Govt report majority of Indian kids lack good and nutrient rich food. Though, Vitamin A dosages are given to children through local dispensaries; however, this effort alone is not enough. With Good diet to children, many parents can avoid problems in their kids like weak eyesight. Otherwise only option to correct eye problem is children s prescription glasses. We can clearly see increase in numbers of children wearing glasses. In recent development, govt of India has took some steps like insuring proper food to every person in India and we can hope that such steps will mark end of such issues.
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