Your mental health is equally important as your physical health

In India, we see very less awareness again people about mental health. Here people spend huge money on physical treatments; however, they do not care about mental problems. The biggest reason of this trend is very less awareness among people about mental health problems. Due to their ignorance, people do not see mental health problems as major health risks. However, there are many studies which clearly show that mental health problems are same way dangerous as physical health problems.

Slowly, awareness is increasing among people about mental health problems and they are getting treatment for it; however, numbers of such people is very less. Still many people take refuge in super natural or black magic to solve such problems. They believe that this is done by evil things and there is no problem with their mental health. However, in 99% of cases these are mental disorders and they can be treated by consulting a good physician qualified in mental health.

As per one report numbers of depression cases are on rise in India due to changing life style of people and every fourth person is suffering from it. Today, time has come when we should start giving importance to mental health because it is impossible to enjoy good health without good mental health.
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