Festival of Deepawali and Noise Pollution

Deepawali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and every year, we see great enthusiasm among people for this festival. On this day, people wear new clothes and exchange sweets with friends and relatives. At the night, many people crack cracker and burn candles and diyas to celebrate Deepawali. However, the saddest point is those crackers create lots of noise and air pollution. Next morning, it becomes very difficult to breathe properly.

 Many innocent birds also become victim of these fire crackers and die on the day of Deepawali. Therefore, we all are required to understand that we should not kill innocent birds and pollute our environment on the name of the festival. Inside of making Deepawali a competition of crackers, it is important to explore other possibilities of helping needy people. I request everyone to minimize the use of cracker on this Deepawali so that we can enjoy a noise and pollution free Deepwali.
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