Trend of Late marriages and arising difficulties

Today, we are seeing a new trend in India where large numbers of educated people opting for late marriages because of numbers of reason. One of first reasons of late marriages is carrier development before marriage. Many youngsters believe that they can postpone their marriage till they achieve their carrier goals. However in this race for carrier goal, they sometime cross their prime and later find it hard to get a suitable match. 

Other reasons of going for marriage late are trend of remaining single as long as you can and non-availability of match as per desire. Today, desires of people about perfect match have gone very higher and they look for many things. The main difficult comes ahead when they ask for much higher than they deserve. 

In my locality, there are 10 plus such people who are 30 plus and struggling to find a good match. It is responsibility of parents to educate their children about benefits of marriage on right time. In present stressful world, life becomes much easier when we have a good partner. 
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