Why Uttrakhand Government was not prepared to tackle this problem?

Today, large numbers of people are simply asking this question that why Uttrakhand government was not prepared to handle this problem. Why even after five days of cloud burst and heavy rain, it is still not able to provide primary relief to millions of people who become victim of sudden cloud burst. 

Many eye witnesses say that they have seen hundreds of dead bodies; however, government says death of 100 plus people only. Government only looks to justify its stand and showing its helplessness. Still there are thousands of people waiting for relief at different places. 

Government has put 22 helicopters in to action for evacuation of people; however, this whole process is working very slowly. There are still many parts where no official help has reached so far. In developed countries, we see good coordination in relief work; therefore, very less numbers of human causalities occur there during environmental calamities. 

However, in India we are neither prepared nor we want to learn from previous mistakes.  There is no concrete disaster management mechanism in our country; therefore, we see thousands of people becoming victim of such calamities. After this incidence, I hope that our governments will wake up and form a good disaster management program. 
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