Let others live their life Freely

This is a very common problem which we face in today’s world. Here everyone wants to live his or her life freely, but he doesn’t think same for others. Most of miseries, problems, angers, fights and frustrations of the present world are the result of this attitude of people. This attitude also highlights s selfish approach of a person. We blame others for their selfish behavior, but at the same time, we fail to see how selfishly We are acting.

Real Freedom exits in living freely, and by allowing the same freedom to others. Sadly, we are happy to get our freedom but we fail to offer it to others. It is important for everyone to understand that our freedom works on give and take mechanism. When you offer freedom to others then in return, you expect freedom for yourself. You can’t afford to have two different rules for freedom. Other’s freedom is as important as we want freedom for us.

Thus start respecting the freedom of others to enjoy your own freedom, or none of you will have freedom in long run. The biggest worry of mine is that 99% of people don’t respect freedom of others. They want full freedom for themselves or their dear ones but don’t see it good to offer it to others. To make a free world, we need to change our thinking and start looking freedom as a fundamental right of each person. 
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