We are dealing with Facebook Generation

Facebook has entered very deeply in to the minds of present generation in India. It is very common to see most of youngsters busy with facebook. They don’t miss facebook at any cost. They always remain available on facebook. With the availability of facebook on mobile, it has become even easier for these youngsters to stay connected with world. We can call all this madness, a facebook fever. If we want to understand present generation then we need to understand their love for facebook.

These youngsters are so much involved with facebook that they hardly find any time for real life activities. Many parents don’t like this association of facebook and youngsters, but it is a big reality of today. Few years back, no one would have imagined that social media will make so much impact on the lives of youngsters. There are many good and bad effects of facebook on youngsters. Though, I see most of good effects on social media but there are few examples of misuse of it. It is important for parents to understand this association and deal with it in a proper way.
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