Don’t Try to Control my Life

Today, we see rise of frustration among people because they find themselves unable to control their lives. There are some people in world who try to influence and control lives of others. They don’t want them to live their own lives but instead they want them to move according to them. Here we can give an example of parents who even tries To influence and control the lives of their adult children. Up to certain, it is the duty of parents to guide their children for their betterment however, after attaining adulthood; it is choice of children to live their lives accordingly. 

But such parents don’t want their children to grow independently. Due to such Habit, the main damage occurs in the fragile relationship of parents and children. Sometimes, this hatred grows so high that beautiful relationship of parents and children die an ugly death. It is important for the parents to understand that their children have attained adulthood and they can take decisions of their life.   
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