It is very easy to refill ink cartridge

From last few months, I was unable to use my Canon Pixma printer because of no ink cartridges. The original cartridges were very highly priced; therefore, I was making my mind to buy new cartridges or get printing done from nearby shop. During my online search, I came across an easy to way to refill ink cartridges and bought refill ink for Rs 138 only with a free syringe. I went through print and video tutorial on refilling an ink cartridge and then, I refilled my ink cartridge.

 Initially, I was worried about outcome of my action but thankfully, end result was perfectly fine and my printer is working great. With this method, I was found a cheap way to refill ink cartridges and make good prints at very affordable rate. If I can do this then I think anyone out there can do it. However, I will insist on getting proper knowledge before starting. Don’t trust a single video and tutorial, you should get accurate information from a reliable source before proceeding because there are videos out there which are providing guiding wrongly.
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