To see the world through a Photographer’s Eye

Our world is a very beautiful place and here, we can see great beauty of world through a good photographer’s eye. Around the world, we see many beautiful places and with the help of a decent camera, we can capture many amazing pictures. Many times, we fail to see minor details and beauty of small-small objects. I was also not aware of such minor details of life, until I started taking pictures with my DSLR camera. Amazingly, I discover that life even beautiful than we actually see it.

Photographers around the world help all of us to see beauty of life in a magnified manner. A photograph stores instant beauty of a creature, object or nature for whole life. Through, photographs pictures remain alive forever. I love photography because it helps me in discovering hidden beauty of life which I may never saw. I still need to learn lot in photography; however, I am happy that I am moving fast in right direction. More I take picture, more I desire emerge inside me to take new pictures.

Some of Picture Taken by Me-

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