Real Freedom is Freedom of Mind

Most of people live in this as prisoners of mind and they believe that they are free because they live in a free country. These people become so much depended on their mind and perceptions that they live life according to such beliefs. In this way, they live a life which actually society or others put in their mind from childhood. To told to live in a certain way to enjoy life and remain blessed; however, by doing so we live life as designed from another person for us. In the present world, we can become free from false beliefs and preconditioning to live life as we desire.

To live a free life, we are first required to free our mind from all junk which has entered our mind from last many years. We need to learn to live in the present moment without allowing any negative energy of past to enter it. In this way, we can enjoy every second of life and become really free. Today, we are either so much occupied by past preconditioning or we remain worried about the future too much. The time has come to give rest to mind and enjoy every single moment of the present as it is. By following this simple step, any person can enjoy real freedom in life.
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