Do not travel to hill places during rains

From the last week devastation in Uttrakhand due to cloud burst thousands of people suffered. Even after six days rescue work is still continuing and government says that it will take seven more days to rescue all people. This incidence has highlighted side effects of travelling to a hilly place in rains. During rains, hills become very soft and landslides occur. 

Every year, many people lose their lives in these landslides. Now days cloud bursts have also become very common due to deforestation. As per news, two cloud bursts simultaneously occurred near Kedarnath Dham and their combined effect caused so much damage. In India, we do not have strong mechanism to fight these natural disasters; therefore, many people suffer during such events. 

One of option in front of people to save them is to not travel or visit hilly places during rains.  Despite all claims by state government, we do not see strong actions on ground. Therefore, our safety is in our hands only and we can save ourselves by not going to  hilly places in rains. 
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