Becoming victims of Ego

Today, most of people are unhappy in life because they are becoming victim of ego and their ego is misleading them in life. To live a free life, it is very important for us to move above ego and start seeing the world with fresh and unbiased eyes. We live in a world where people have inflated egos and they don’t see others near them.

Due to this reason, we see high levels of hatred in our society. People fail to trust others because their ego doesn’t allow them to do so. In all major religions of world, it is said that we should kill our ego first to become a good human being. However, on the reverse we see a present world which is built on ego. Therefore, we see great unhappiness in the present world. If you want to live a good and happy life then it is important for you to not victim of ego and start living a life free of ego.
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