Your competition is with yourself only

Today, we live in a highly competitive world where we are constantly forced to compete with many people. We are told from childhood to compete with others and as we grow, we have this mental attitude to compete with everyone. 

We become so much obsessed with competing that we start competing with everyone and see everyone as our enemy. Due to this attitude, we only increase stress for ourselves and loss many valuable relationships in life. 

On the other hand, we can live life in a much better way if we learn to compete with our self only. Competition with self makes us an improved human being because we constantly look to enhance our skills. In this way, we grow as a strong and happy human being. 

With this mental attitude, we no more see others as our competitors and harmony in our relationships increases many times. If you also want to live a happy and stress free life then start competing with yourself instead of competing with others. 
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