Character of a person comes out in difficult situation

There are numbers of news of good and bad people coming from many parts Uttrakhand. There are reports of people who lost everything to save others and simultaneously, there is news of people who over charged needy people, stole their money and cut body parts of dead for gold. 

This shows real character of people. It is shame on people who are indulging in such bad acts. At this point of time, it was need of hour to help other victims; however, some evil minded people used it as an opportunity to make money. Many survivors claimed that they paid up to Rs 200 of a single water bottle and Rs 500 for food. 

On the other hand, many good people gave everything for the help of needy people. Good people arranged free food and water for others and saved many lives. Both these examples show real character of people and how during difficult time, real character of people comes out. 
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