Punjab Election 2007 (speacial- Vikas Yatra)

The Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh recently concluded his second phase of vikas yatra. So far his vikas yatra is successful and is able to generate crowd for it. All this has made congress more hopeful of winning this election. However the major problem which is come as barrier in this is no solid ground work done by congress regime in last five years. At the name of vikas (progress) only few projects are completed and still many issues are remaining pending. Now as the elections are coming near and by seeing the defeat of congress in upcoming elections Chief Minister decided this strategy. However the problem is that people are not fool that they start believing this vikas yatra as a real vikas. Most of the projects which are completed by Punjab government are mostly behind the schedule or started by the previous government. It is true that many people gathered to receive Capt Amarinder Singh but still congress needs lot of miracles to save its defeat. Akali Dal and BJP combine is showing a big threat to present government. Both the parties are showing strong presence in their strong holds, which could be big threat to Congress government. This is a bigger issue with most of the Indian governments that they do not perform well when they have enough time but in the end look for miracles. Today’s people are more smart and know all the realities, therefore it is in the benefit of government to perform if they want to see their party reelected.

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Punjab Election 2007

Review-“The Best of Speaking Tree”

“The Best of Speaking Tree” is a one of great presentation by Times group. This book was first published in 2004 and it is now again reprinted this year. The present cost of this book is Indian Rupees 166 (approximately $ 4). “The Speaking Tree” is a regular feature of India's leading newspaper “The Times of India”. “The Speaking Tree” is regularly featuring on the edit page of “The Time of India” since 1995. Since its publication, this page has become very successful and many people read it regularly for getting daily dosage of spirituality.

“The Speaking Tree” presents to its reader beautiful articles related to spirituality written by various writers. The articles embrace almost all the religions and try to provide the unbiased read to their readers. In the last few years, spirituality is taking more strong position as compared to religions. Spirituality stresses on the unique qualities of all the religions and provide more satisfaction to present thinking minds across all the religions.

In India, newspapers are very popular and therefore if they start helping us in our spiritual pursuit then nothing will be better than this. “The Speaking Tree” is a great resource for knowing about other religions and how most of the religions are unique in their beliefs. “The Best of Speaking Tree” is a collection of some of the best article published on the “The Speaking Tree”. This is a good collection for people who want to reach new heights in spiritual level. This book can help us and our kids in understanding and respecting other religions, therefore a making an India free of religious intolerance.

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What will be the fate of Sanjay Dutt now?

As Sanjay Dutt got 5 year imprisonment with the connection of possessing illegal arms, now his fate remain uncertain. It was already cleared from the previous rulings of the TADA court that it is not going to let free any victim in this case. More over there are clear evidences available against Sanjay Dutt; therefore it is very difficult for him to avoid any punishment. Definitely Sanjay Dutt is a stronger and famous person today and therefore he will fight his case up to Supreme Court. Now the question which arises here is that what should be our response to this ruling. Should we come forward in the support of Sanjay Dutt or respect our judiciary. Sanjay Dutt is also a person like the other convicts of this case. Our judiciary can not be biased of any one, though he may be holding a good position in the society. Sanjay Dutt has committed this crime and therefore he should be punished as per the views of our judicial system. Today in India we need to come out of the approach where no punishment is given to the people of higher status. On the other hand there are many innocent people getting punishment because they do not have access to better systems which can save them. Many big politicians, businessman and rich people mostly come unhurt of the worst of crimes done by them. In a liberal country, we can not have different rules for different people. We can only become a real free nation when we are able to provide justices to each citizen of Indian. We have to wait for few months or years to see that law wins or Sanjay Dutt.

Few examples of strong people

Strong people are those people who fought all the battles of the world with boldness and emerge successful from any difficult situation. A strong person is strong in all the ways like strong in emotions, strong in health, energetic and always fighting against the injustice. We all may have some of these properties and but to show a strong behaviour continuously is a hard task. There are very few known people in this world who have shown a strong behaviour for themselves, for their country and for their values. The opposite people of world may be very strong but no one was able to deter them from their path.

Few examples of these people are Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. These people are expert in their territory and have contributed many great things to their nation. With their strong behaviour these people have shown to us that how anything can be possible in this world. And we can win any fight against any one if we can show a strong and disciplined behaviour like them. Mahatma Gandhi has single handedly won the freedom for India from the mighty England. He had never used any weapon to win his fight, only with simple fights like fasting and marches, he won this battle.

It is a very difficult thing to dream a person like him in this world who is so strong in his approach that millions of Indian followed him like mad people. He is a really a strong man. Swami Vivekananda is another example of strong character which has shown to us how to trust our religions and not to fear from anyone at any cost. In this short life what he has achieved great heights in his life is only due to strong belief in faith. Third is example of great Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata who tried to build our nation in those days when we need it most. He never tried to claim his name on any of great work done by him to this nation. These are few examples where characters itself tells us what is a strong character and how we should work to achieve it.

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Oppertunity world of India

Welcome to a world of many opportunities in India. India is today no more a country of no opportunities but it has emerged as major destination full of opportunities not only for Indians but also for people across the globe. Every best company of world is today eager to enter in Indian market. Many companies have started this and we could expect many more world famous companies to follow the same track. Wal-Mart will be the new entrant in India, as it is exploring new partners for India market. In coming months, Indians could hope to have the best of all the world services for them. All this is hard work of Indians and well development policies of our governments.

My mother

I love my mother Smt. Snehlata Katoch very much, not because she is my mother but because lot of sacrifices done by her for me. You may say that every mother do this. Yes, it may be true, other mother may be doing same thing. I am not writing against them but only showing my respect to my mother. It is very difficult for any ordinary person to perform sacrifices like mother and that in this selfish world. My mother has lot of times eaten less food to give me the maximum food. There will be many examples of this kind of sacrifice by her to me. Not only these kind of care but she has helped me in emotionally also. She is the women who has always stood with me in all my failure and even fought with the people who have tried to depress me. I am whatever today is due to support shown by her only and whatever I will achieve in my life will be mainly due to her blessings.

How much fear is effective in present employment?

Fear is used as tool by many companies across the world to get maximum work from their employees. Few years back there are less job opportunities available for the ordinary people and the people who are able to get them feel themselves as very fortunate. Most of the companies then exploit this principle for getting more performance from their people by giving the threat of taking jobs. Moreover this threat is very strong among people with less technical education and less self confidence. Due to this threat many people work day and night to complete the objectives of company even forgetting their own heath and family. This type of culture is also a very much reality in India even in present situations. However due to the availability of various new options of jobs and educations, people are getting much wider choice. Therefore many people are coming out of these threats and starting there new and more exciting careers. Today the tendency of job shifting has increased very rapidly in India and could increase more in coming years. In this kind of situations role of fear tactics is decreasing very fast because people are now fearful of losing their jobs or not getting promotions. More over for getting good results from employees companies need more reward systems and motivations and not fear

Harsh Realities

There are some harsh realities present is this world from which we can never put away our attentions. One of such harsh reality is working for some one for whole life and then in the end just thrown out of the system. Many people put their whole life for some organization and in this Endeavour they never thing about themselves. However the organizations some times do not reciprocate in the same manner. When they get some more intelligent and good worker, they simply sift to new workers and forget about the sacrifices of the previous employ. In the situation the employs have all of its hopes on the organization only. Many employs get these kinds of shocks every day by many companies. It is difficult to avoid these shocks, however an employ should work on increasing his efficacy in the entire fields to remain competitive or get another good job in this situation. In today’s environment it has become important to develop some additional skills which can help us in these difficult times.

some facts

There are some facts about which I want to attract the attention of all of us. Though we are growing fast in India and becoming more sufficient however there are many people around us who are not able to walk with the same speed. Therefore many of our own friends are leaving behind in this fast race. Some of the Indians may have achieved big heights which were never thought by anyone but in all this many people have also become depressed and disinterested in life. Some people in India are still sleeping on the ground and getting only one day meal. Some old people are still waiting for their own children in the old age homes. Many Indians have become computer experts but still there are many people who do not even know single word. Why we all are just running for our own gains and satisfaction and not considered about our friends, parents, siblings, relatives or simply other ordinary people.

Finally CAT exam is over

Finally the CAT exam is over and with it the fate of many future managers is also covered. Now these meritorious students fate will be out with the final results of CAT exam. CAT is an exam conducted by all the Indian Institutes of managements combinedly for the enrolment of students in them. Every year millions of students from Indian take this test to get admissions into prestigious IIM’s. The major reason behind the popularity of CAT is a stable carrier attached with the MBA done from IIM’s. Students of the major IIM’s are able to grab the highest salaries offered in India and this trend is increasing year by year. CAT test is open for any graduate or for any one awaiting his graduation completion. So far work experience is not essential in India however some advantage is given to people with work experience. Less than 1% of the students who take test are lucky enough to get seats and become future managers. Some other prestigious colleges also take the score of CAT for recruiting students in their colleges. After clearing the CAT exam, students need to go through the GD and personal interviews at the respective IIM’s from where they get the calls.

Best of luck for CAT 2006

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A new device

GPS tracking is showing a great safety and betterment for many people across the globe. With the revolution in satellite based system, people life is becoming easier as compared to few years back. First with the help of GPS tracking devices we can save our vehicles from being stolen or we can put an eye on our teenagers and employees. One of such beautiful device is available on the brickhousesecurity.com. People can easily get more knowledge about this product at the link http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/livewire-lightninggps-trackingdevice.html. Most of the questions are being answered at this page. Moreover people can click on the blue demo button to see the working of this system. By pressing this button people can easily see how the system will work for their car. This GPS Fleet Tracking device is also very-2 suitable for people with number of car fleets. It is very difficult job to track all the vehicles manually. But now with the help of this system people can easily track their vehicles and even they can put an watch on their workers that they are following the right path of not. These systems are really revolutionary and have the potential of making our lives simpler. Some people may say that it is wrong to put eye on the teenagers but in this wrong world it always advisable to have some watch on them because this is the age when teenagers take the wrong paths. Moreover this system can help in increases the safety level and easily guiding the driver in choosing shorter ways.

My first novel

My friends, today is a beautiful day of my life because I have decided to start my own novel. Today morning I got a very beautiful plot for it and now I am ready to work on it. It may take up to one year before the completion of this novel. However I am excited that I am going to do some thing which I like. The name of noble would be “Untouchable women- A love story with difference”. I want to request my friends for praying to god for the successful completion of this novel. This novel will have lot of things in it like fight of women, innocent love, destiny plays, social conditions and courage of women. This novel will be my tribute my lord Ganesha who has always given me power to achieve new heights in life. Today there are many novels present in India but most of them are written by foreign authors and they do not the glimpse of missing Indian culture, a culture which is slowly becoming distinct.

Rural Punjab holds the fate of new government in Punjab-2007 Election

Punjab elections are very near and therefore both the parties ruling Congress and Akali Dal are trying their best to win the election. After many years this time no party has any solid agenda to carry forward. Corruption is not a big issue this time because both the parties to some extent are involved in corruption and people of Punjab have no good option available with them. Therefore for many people these elections are just a routine change. If situation remains the same then the chances of lesser turn out can not be ruled out in Punjab.

However in rural areas the local issues can become strong and people may vote due to them. On the other hand these kinds of issues are missing in big cities. In this situation, who ever party can get hold on rural votes can easily win the elections? Congress has the chances of getting some negative votes because of being power in for five years. Performance of Punjab government is average and not many significant developments are done by this government. Therefore many people believe in giving chance to other government.

Aklai Dal is trying its best to exploit the local issues and increasing its base in rural belt. Moreover the ground field force of Akali Dal is looking more aggressive and strong as compared to the Congress. If now everything goes in this direction then Akali Dal can get a major victory in rural belt and wining in rural Punjab means a comprehensive victory in Punjab election. Congress is also trying to vow people by the really of the congress president Mrs Sonia Ghandi. It is to be seen now that which party can exploit this rural force for its victory.

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Punjab Election 2007

Vivah- A Good movie to watch

Vivah is the latest movie from Sooraj Barjatya. Sooraj Barjatya is known to make films oriented to Indian values. This movie is also a step in the same direction. This movie has tried to portray a simple Indian marriage and specially a time from engagement to marriage. This movie could be a great watch to the unmarried couple who are going to married soon. This is equally well for all of us also because this movie shows a beautiful presentations of Indian values. The main thing admirable about this film is beautiful presentations of girl’s emotions before marriage.

Watch Movie- Vivah

This movie has really shown a great respect towards women and a way to treat them respectfully in all the situations. Today when girls Child are becoming burden for most of the parents, this movie shows an encouraging sign. Both the actors Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao are perfect in their roles. This is a simple movie and based on simple principles. This movie is full of lot of good characters which are very less to find in today’s world. In India we are forgetting our most of values and becoming a part of rat race and in this rat race ultimately our relations are suffering. If we can make our life simple like this movie and accept the good values of this movie, then this world will definitely become a heaven.

However this is not the case because we are busy in making our self and world around us more complex. Like other movies this movie has lot of shortcomings like it is too simple and based on lot presumed perceptions like people in small cities are better than the people in big cities. Film becomes weak in the middle and songs are ordinary. However still this is a good movie to watch because it has lot to say, lot to tell. The climax in the movie is wonderful; the scenes like marring in the burning ward and supporting your partner in all situations are some of the key points of this movie. For Indians who are running away from their traditions, this movie provides a chance to rediscover the truth hidden in simple living and high thinking.

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Role of emotions in life

Emotions play a major role in our life because we are governed by them in most parts of our life. Many people even after achieving success or attaining an old age remain in the grip of emotions. This is not the fault of anyone because we all are living in a close system of society where our previous behaviours and experiences determine our next actions. Some of the emotions like fear, sex, anger, love and grief etc are so strong that they compel us to do lot of things which we will never do if we think on them properly. For example many people kill others due to angry and due to fear we accept the crimes of the others.

Strong emotions are good but it is bad to be in control of them. Mostly we never realize when we go in the control of these emotions. In the situations of strong emotions lot of hormones are secreted by our body which makes it impossible for our brain to take any decisions. In this situation our most of the decisions are based on previous experiences or inherent behaviours. The problem is that when we go in the control of emotion then we are not only dangerous for our self but we become equally dangerous for others. We never realize how our behaviour hurts others mentally and physically. In psychological and intellectual terms this state can be referred as non control on emotions or weakness of brain in controlling emotions.

For coming out of these situations we need control on our emotions and a strong brain which can easily come out of these emotional disturbances. For this we need to understand our emotions and their roles in our life. We need to realize that up to which extent we are in control of our emotions. Having knowledge about something is a one thing but to really correct them is a big fight. This is true in many episodes where people commit suicides due to not being able to control their emotions. In these situations emotions have eaten the person and most of these people never realize that they are the victims of their emotions. Second thing is to make our brain and thinking power strong enough so that no emotion can take control of us. This thing can we achieved with positive outlook and regular small exercises like realizing emotions but not allowing them to disturb us.

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Who is the real winner in Indo-US Nuclear deal?

Finally the US Senate approved the bill related to Indo-US nuclear deal by 85 votes in favor and 12 votes against. Earlier many speculations were running about the fate of this deal. Many neighboring countries of India like Pakistan, China were against any deal like this. Today many people around the world and in India are looking this deal as a major win for India because this deal will generously help India in generating much needed excess energy required for industrial growth in India.

India is becoming a global force due to its rapid growth and to maintain this progress India need lot of surplus energy to meet the needs for this growth. Conventional energy sources are failing to meet this requirement, where nuclear energy can easily fill this gap. Therefore this deal is mostly seen as only beneficial to India; however the US, US nuclear industry and high tech workers are the major beneficiary of this deal. This deal is supposed to have the potential of producing 270,000 higher end jobs for American workers. At present this billion dollars of market is closed for Americans and now this deal is an opportunity for the Americans to get their share.

In simple terms this deal has the potential to provide big revenue source to the American nuclear industry. Moreover all this is good for ailing American economy and provide it an opportunity to grow in future. The other reason behind this deal is securing a long term growing revenue source because with this deal America will become a major exporter of articles related to nuclear energy. India is raising rapidly if America pulls it hand from India then some other nation may come and explore this opportunity in India. Therefore this deal is more important for America then for the India.

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My First Blog

Two years back, when I started blogging at my first blog on rediffblogs.com then I had never wondered that I will enjoy it so much. My initial blogging experience is full of lot struggles and difficulties. First I do not know how to write well, both my English and vocabulary were in poor state. However, one thing was good with me that I remained consistent in my blogging. I got my first shock when my blog on rediffblogs goes out of service due to rediff.com internal planning. It was a very discouraging experience for me to lose a good working blog which has now even started getting visitors. After that, I again started from the beginning and built my latest blog “Thoughts of an Ordinary Man” on the bloggers. So far I am satisfied with my experience with blogger.com and this has also started doing fine. Recently I found that my first blog is again alive, so all this reminded me of my blogging struggle which has passed through many ups and downs. One thing I clearly accept front of all that blogging has done great help to me. Today my writing skills have improved; my confidence level is high and now I can express my self more clearly. These all are big achievements done only with the help of blogging. I am not the only person who have benefited from blogging, there are many around the world that have benefited in big way from the blogging.

How small we are?

Many people achieve lot of victory, wealth and height in their life however their greed and selfishness never become less. Moreover not only the famous and rich people but we are busy in more self centric approaches. In all this we do many small silly things which show how we are only considered about only our welfare and growth. Many people in this world are so selfish and motivated by only their needs that even do not hesitate in using any body embracing their friends, relatives and family members. Using others for our own benefit has become a fashion in current world. Now this usage is can be of many kinds like using wife for emotional and sexual needs, friends for emotional and money needs and coworkers for promotions. To some extent we use each others or we exchange the usage with each other like I may be allowing you to use me in the hope of you may provide me some helps. We doing it and it is fine some limits. However there are few people, who use other to that extent that the person do not left with anything like a husband leaving her after ten years when he has absorbed her all grace. This is bad and really bad, exchanges should be fair enough so that nobody feels like cheated. In between all this some people only believe in false exchanges in which they only want to take and not give. They cross all the borders and fool other people with their false emotions. They use the people; absorb everything available in them and through them like a waste. Now these people may reach at big hits or become very rich but they never release that they are biggest losers in this world because they are dying with lot of loads on their heads. Life is and this whole universe is based on the principle of equal balance. Therefore at some time nature will make all the matters settled with us. These people will go on wondering and paying for their wrong deeds in this world and never reach to the state of nirvana or true self. However this is very small question of most of us are not worried about it, because we are in using others or being used by others.

I love animals and birds

I love animal’s very-2 much. Currently, I have a 15 years dog and earlier I have few cats. I like mostly all the animal and want to spent lot of time with many of them. I am highly against of any crime done to these innocent creatures and wants strict punishments for anyone doing this crime against them. At my rooftop I like to feed different birds, some of pigeons, parrots and sparrows come daily to our house. I enjoy watching them eating their food and like their innocence. I also do not like the concept of putting these animals and birds behind the cages only for the fun of people. Animal planet is one of my favorite TV channel. I enjoy watching funny pet videos and this is one of my best pass times. Currently I am also planning to make few small movies on these animals and birds. I want to request people to respect animals and birds, and do not damage their forests only for our shakes.

Why some people invade others personal space?

Invading personal space of others is a very common thing in India because we do not know what a personal space is? In India, we develop as a society which lives in the personal spaces of each other. Every morning it starts with the loud speaker voices of Mandirs, Masjids and Gurudawars. The loud speaker voices are so loud that the people living in the adjacent 2km year radius get easily these voices entering their ears. A similar kind of trend also can be seen in marriages where people run high loudspeakers up to the mid night. In elections by political parties, on general day’s shops with some kind of sales and with latest high tech mobile phones at any place, people can make us to listen the unwanted things. We tolerate all this as a routine of our life, some time for religious tolerance, some times as a good social person and some time for not creating any fight. Most importantly, people should take care of the personal space of others and not try to invade it unnecessarily. However, every thing is not going to change in India in future because most of do not what a personal space is and why it is important to respect the personal space of others. For example, in the morning when I was traveling through Shatabdi Train then two persons were continuously playing music on high volume through their mobile while this thing was hurting many people getting sleep and was creating a noise pollution. The same people can have opted for hearing this music on the headphone while not disturbing the others.


Discovering own self with Yoga

Yoga has unique power through which we can go more near to our own self. We can unite with it, listen to it, talk to it and finally sing with it. This is a great power of Yoga, which is discovered by our saints many years back. Yoga is so great mantel exercise that it is valid even in this fast world. At the end of our life, we have no option but to again unite with our true self then we should not do this now. Though there are many technique of performing Yoga are available in world and all the forms have their advantages, however a person should choose the form of Yoga which best suits to him, may be he has to done some changes in it. In this highly stressful world Yoga can emerge as a big remedy and save many people from spoiling their lives.

Allah Malik. Allah is Great

Why to accept the shit of world?

The negative thoughts generated in this world for us are like shit and needs to thrown out immediately out of our brain. There are many people in world, who due to their own frustration through there negativity on us. Here at this situation we need to be very alert and should allow these shits to come inside our need. Due to the simple principle of garbage in garbage out, we can not accept positive thoughts to emerge in our mind. Now with this negativity we can not do positive works or remain happy because for remaining happy, we need to positive from inside. Now see the clear example of a small child, how innocently he laughs and weeps but an ordinary person of this world is neither able to laugh fully or nor can weep completely. Small Childs mind is pure away from the negativity of world, therefore in his complete control. Where as the adult persons mind are full of lot of shits and can never be in pure bless.

Fear is not for me

If we start believing on this thing, then no power in this world except destiny can stop us from reaching our goals and moreover destiny also supports people who fight with diversities without fear. Fear is the biggest back puller in world. Many talented people are not able to rise above in their life only due to this fear. Fear even eats our dreams and makes only small things. The other disadvantage with fear is that it starts eating us from inside i.e. making our health worse. Due to fear many people restore to constant thinking and finally generates hypertension and in the end diseases like diabetics and cardiac disorders. Why fear and from whom fear? Except destiny no one can change our fate. No person in world how much he may be strong can not hurt us, unless we give him chance to hurt us. For fighting our fears, we need positive approach towards life and hard work for achieving goals because people have very fears in their life.

Om Sri Ganeshay Nama

Swami Ramdev-Hero of India

Swami Ram Dev has emerged as a big Guru in India, who is a specialist in Ayurveda and Yoga. Today people take his name with lot of respect in India. Many people even pray him like god for the magical therapies provided by him. Initially when he started teaching about the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda then many people did not considered him seriously. However it was his constant efforts and magic of his medicines which have attracted people towards him. Today his Ayurvedic medicines have made a deep road in to the Indian houses. Not only in India but he is also very famous in Indians living abroad also. His medicines have helped patients of diabetics, cardiac problems, asthma and cancer to large extent and some reports even point out towards complete eradication of the diseases. I have one true incidence available with me of my Father. He is a diabetic for last 12 years and is regularly taking allopathic medicines. The major problem which he faced with his medicine is that he has to regularly increase the dose of his medicine after few years. Last time, when even after increasing the dosage to highest level his sugar level remained above 200 marks and his health starts reducing. We consulted lot of big doctors from big institutes like DMC, Ludhiana and Govt. College & hospital, Amritsar. All the doctors only pointed towards shifting to insulin only solution. Then few our friends and my sister insisted on visiting to Baba Ramdev Ashram in Kankhal Haridwar. We all visited the Ashram; doctors at Ashram checked my father and prescribed Ayurvedic medicines. Today my father is taking these medicines for last one and half years and his sugar level are below 140-130. These ayurvedic medicines have achieved that thing which was impossible for the allopathic medicine. Some precaution from the experience are not leave the allopathic medicine immediately but gradually leave them with time and must follow the disciplined routine for exercise and medicine. I am not a promoter of Baba Ram Dev, but this incidence look great information for me to share because diabetic is spreading some virus in India and need immediate attention.

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My Silly Friend

Many people behave in totally silly way in their life. One example of it is the person who wants to achieve lot of things in life but do not want to do any ground work for achieving it. One of friend wants a good job which could pay him around 15k to 20k Indian rupees per month. In this hope, he has already left four jobs so far. He was running from consultants to consultants and from companies to companies in the hope of achieving his dream. We both have started our professional carrier simultaneously. Currently with in few months I going to complete my correspondence MBA and working for last three years with an Indian MNC for 15K Indian rupees. More over, I am earning additional 15k from writing assignments. In last four years, I have worked continuously to achieve all this. Where as my friend have neither stayed with any single company, nor he has gained any additional qualification or nor improved any of personal skills. I tried to convince him that when we have quality in our self then many opportunities will come directly to us or otherwise we will go on running behind them for whole of our life. Consistent affords always pay a person, may it take some time to see their result nut in due time they definitely pay the person. World is becoming a very high competitive market place and we can not afford to left behind it, otherwise it will through us out of the road. Now let’s see how my friend takes my advice.

Does our Government is selling our roads?

In India, a new trend has just started that all the major roads of India are getting paid i.e. now we are required to pay money while moving on these roads. This trend was started with super highways and express ways and now coming to all the national highways across India. In Punjab, this concept is going to active on now most of national highways with in few months. Indian Government has given most of its roads on lease to the private companies for construction and maintenance for 10 to 20 years. To get their costs back these companies will put barriers on the roads and charge money from every traveling vehicle. With this concept in force, we will now have to pay for traveling on our own roads. Moreover soon this trend will be a reality on the most of Indian roads. Now the question comes then why our government is taking tax from us if it can not provide us better roads? Why not our government is doing any tax reduction to facilitate this hike? One thing is acceptable that these companies have increased the quality of roads and now these roads are better. But we can not justify all this for selling our roads. Government need to give clear answer to its people about the situation and pros and coins related to it.

Good point about My country

Indian culture is based on the concept of helping others. Here people feel it their duty to help others. I have seen many examples of people where they never get back from helping others. In few examples people have supported others even more then what they actually can do like one of my maternal uncle has taken loans on his name to support the ailing families of few people. In the beginning of this month when he died, he still has loan to be repaid. I am not saying that people should follow his example but it is in the blood of few Indians to help others. There are many people still available in rural India, who will be always ready to help you in all the conditions. Some times I got supervised to see the generosity of these people. Many people may not have enough food for them self but they will present this food in front of you. This is real India where people respect visitors and treat them as god. Presently this concept has started missing in urban India, as we are becoming more selfish. It is very difficult to ask same kind of sacrifice from today’s generations specially living in cities because they are not even able to support their parents then what they will support others.

Best Jewelry

Jewelry has its special role in making women more beautiful. Therefore jewelries find a important place in women life and most of the women want to purchase the best jewelry for them. However the problem is that most of the shops show chases the same old designs of jewelry. Now women can hottest designs of jewelry like Gurhan, Vera Want, Doron Isaak, Michael B and Ron Hami at Calvin's. Calvin’s is the right choice to end the search for Fine Jewelry with success. Today, Calvin’s has the best selection of fine designer jewelry available in Austin and their selection could be rated as the best in country.

Facing our Fears

It is not an easy task to define our life and especially our fears. Fears are important part of our life. There would be hardly any person in this world that does not have any fear. Recently I discovered new thing attached with fear that there are few reasons which contributes in the building of fear. If we can control these fear factors then we can substantially decrease our fears. First major factor is love for things or for people. We accept things in our life and slowly we start loving them. Now more we love the thing, more we have the fear to losing these things. Moreover the things which we get with lot of difficulty generate more fear of losing them as compared to other things. After some times our love changes into obsession and we start believing these things as our internal part. In this phase, a single dream of losing a small part of it looks like losing our own self. This fear could be similar to the fear of death (a fear which threatens us in some darkness, in some unknown ness). Around the world we all are fighting with these kinds of fears. To small extent fears are fine because they show us our limit or small power over existence. However many times these fears become so threatening that many people lose their life due to them. If they are not life threatening but still they are bad as they decrease the quality of our life. Therefore it becomes very important to diagnose these fears and come out of them. Below are few points which could help people in fighting their fears.
1) A strong belief in ones God or creator, it may be any Allah, Jesus, Ram or any. Believing that every thing is his creation and therefore he has the right to change or alter it. A state of total surrender, accepting his all decisions.
2) Second solution is to analyze our fears, discover them, identify them and finally do things which could help us in decreasing them. Like, increase the saving of money to avoid any financial crisis.
3) Third factor is to face them solwely-2 and become strong so that they could not no more affect us.
4) Meeting a psychologist or psychiatrist could help us and we should not feel shame in getting their help.

Unknown Fears

Hindu religion exposed (Loopholes of India religions)

In India, we say this age as Kalyug, age of kaal (wicked). Therefore most of Hindu's consider this time as bad time for human existence. It is believed that this period will be full of maya (myths) and very less of reality. Maya will make us to believe and see many things which are not truthfully present or are not real? Ascent Hindu tradition is believed to be full of all this gadgets like flying aircraft, long distance communication systems (where people can call or see each other while they are kilometers apart). However with time degradation was believed to come in our religion and we lost all this. Also 100 years back for most of the people around the world, it will be hard to accept that aircraft can fly or we can watch or call peoples distance apart from them. However, this Kalyug, the time of evil has taken us back to those age which have all this. With the revolutions in Internet based technology we can easily see and talk with people who are living in the other parts of the world. With mobile in hand, we can easily remain in contact with all of our friends. Now the question may come that it is real or just maya, it is good for of all of us or bad for us. If we believe Hindu religion then this is the bad time to live on earth, every bad thing will increase in this age like crime, hatred, greed, destruction and deterioration in values of human. To some degree all these things were true 20 years back and partially still many of these things are present. 20 years back, crime rates were high, innocents gets no justice, politicians and religions were using us and finally we have no resources available for our growth available with us. However, with the revolution of technology we have many good resources for self growth like more than 100 of TV channels, Internet and mobile communication. This fast communication has helped India in becoming a stronger single nation, a thing which was missing for last 5o years. We Indians have initiated coming out of our shells and have began understanding others religions, states and values. Our media is exposing our corrupt politicians and false believes of religion. Globalization has made us lead participant in world. Today India is no longer a deficient country of few fanatics, religiously motivated and separated peoples. Today we are a true INDIA, A nation which is not only mine but it is our. If, this is maya then it is more authentic to me. What our religions and politicians are not able to do for so many years are done by Technology or Kaal or maya.

Don is finally here to stay in Indian Cinema

The movie don has started a new era for Indian movies, an era which will see lot of experiments which are never even thought by any one. Don is a movie, which gives the look of Hollywood movies. That is reason, why Don is going to be dubbed in English and already many buyers are ready for its English version. When Shahruhk Khan was taken for Don then many people have doubts that he will be able to justify this role or not.

Watch Movie- Don

In earlier Don Amitab Bachan has done a very strong acting, therefore it was challenge for Shahruhk Khan to create his identity. Many things in new Don are taken from old Don like songs, dialogs etc. However everything is not from old Don, this is the catch and real watch in New Don. Two suspense one at the interval and other at the end are honestly stunning and beyond common thinking. Overall Don provides a good package for movie lovers. Actions are class, acting is fine and screen play is super. Locations of Malaysia are beautifully displayed in this movie.

Heroines are many in this movie, however only Priyanka has the lead role and also she is justifying it. She is looking very beautiful in the whole movie. In Don Director has done work on many parameters and make this movie a good package for the viewers. End of the Don is absolutely different from the routine level of ends of Indian movies and more similar like Hollywood ones. Film loses its ground in the first half but again retain it speed in the second half. Overall rating for this movie will be above average and must watch for one time.

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