Review-“The Best of Speaking Tree”

“The Best of Speaking Tree” is a one of great presentation by Times group. This book was first published in 2004 and it is now again reprinted this year. The present cost of this book is Indian Rupees 166 (approximately $ 4). “The Speaking Tree” is a regular feature of India's leading newspaper “The Times of India”. “The Speaking Tree” is regularly featuring on the edit page of “The Time of India” since 1995. Since its publication, this page has become very successful and many people read it regularly for getting daily dosage of spirituality.

“The Speaking Tree” presents to its reader beautiful articles related to spirituality written by various writers. The articles embrace almost all the religions and try to provide the unbiased read to their readers. In the last few years, spirituality is taking more strong position as compared to religions. Spirituality stresses on the unique qualities of all the religions and provide more satisfaction to present thinking minds across all the religions.

In India, newspapers are very popular and therefore if they start helping us in our spiritual pursuit then nothing will be better than this. “The Speaking Tree” is a great resource for knowing about other religions and how most of the religions are unique in their beliefs. “The Best of Speaking Tree” is a collection of some of the best article published on the “The Speaking Tree”. This is a good collection for people who want to reach new heights in spiritual level. This book can help us and our kids in understanding and respecting other religions, therefore a making an India free of religious intolerance.

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