Does our Government is selling our roads?

In India, a new trend has just started that all the major roads of India are getting paid i.e. now we are required to pay money while moving on these roads. This trend was started with super highways and express ways and now coming to all the national highways across India. In Punjab, this concept is going to active on now most of national highways with in few months. Indian Government has given most of its roads on lease to the private companies for construction and maintenance for 10 to 20 years. To get their costs back these companies will put barriers on the roads and charge money from every traveling vehicle. With this concept in force, we will now have to pay for traveling on our own roads. Moreover soon this trend will be a reality on the most of Indian roads. Now the question comes then why our government is taking tax from us if it can not provide us better roads? Why not our government is doing any tax reduction to facilitate this hike? One thing is acceptable that these companies have increased the quality of roads and now these roads are better. But we can not justify all this for selling our roads. Government need to give clear answer to its people about the situation and pros and coins related to it.
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