Rural Punjab holds the fate of new government in Punjab-2007 Election

Punjab elections are very near and therefore both the parties ruling Congress and Akali Dal are trying their best to win the election. After many years this time no party has any solid agenda to carry forward. Corruption is not a big issue this time because both the parties to some extent are involved in corruption and people of Punjab have no good option available with them. Therefore for many people these elections are just a routine change. If situation remains the same then the chances of lesser turn out can not be ruled out in Punjab.

However in rural areas the local issues can become strong and people may vote due to them. On the other hand these kinds of issues are missing in big cities. In this situation, who ever party can get hold on rural votes can easily win the elections? Congress has the chances of getting some negative votes because of being power in for five years. Performance of Punjab government is average and not many significant developments are done by this government. Therefore many people believe in giving chance to other government.

Aklai Dal is trying its best to exploit the local issues and increasing its base in rural belt. Moreover the ground field force of Akali Dal is looking more aggressive and strong as compared to the Congress. If now everything goes in this direction then Akali Dal can get a major victory in rural belt and wining in rural Punjab means a comprehensive victory in Punjab election. Congress is also trying to vow people by the really of the congress president Mrs Sonia Ghandi. It is to be seen now that which party can exploit this rural force for its victory.

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