Why some people invade others personal space?

Invading personal space of others is a very common thing in India because we do not know what a personal space is? In India, we develop as a society which lives in the personal spaces of each other. Every morning it starts with the loud speaker voices of Mandirs, Masjids and Gurudawars. The loud speaker voices are so loud that the people living in the adjacent 2km year radius get easily these voices entering their ears. A similar kind of trend also can be seen in marriages where people run high loudspeakers up to the mid night. In elections by political parties, on general day’s shops with some kind of sales and with latest high tech mobile phones at any place, people can make us to listen the unwanted things. We tolerate all this as a routine of our life, some time for religious tolerance, some times as a good social person and some time for not creating any fight. Most importantly, people should take care of the personal space of others and not try to invade it unnecessarily. However, every thing is not going to change in India in future because most of do not what a personal space is and why it is important to respect the personal space of others. For example, in the morning when I was traveling through Shatabdi Train then two persons were continuously playing music on high volume through their mobile while this thing was hurting many people getting sleep and was creating a noise pollution. The same people can have opted for hearing this music on the headphone while not disturbing the others.

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