My first novel

My friends, today is a beautiful day of my life because I have decided to start my own novel. Today morning I got a very beautiful plot for it and now I am ready to work on it. It may take up to one year before the completion of this novel. However I am excited that I am going to do some thing which I like. The name of noble would be “Untouchable women- A love story with difference”. I want to request my friends for praying to god for the successful completion of this novel. This novel will have lot of things in it like fight of women, innocent love, destiny plays, social conditions and courage of women. This novel will be my tribute my lord Ganesha who has always given me power to achieve new heights in life. Today there are many novels present in India but most of them are written by foreign authors and they do not the glimpse of missing Indian culture, a culture which is slowly becoming distinct.
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