Why to accept the shit of world?

The negative thoughts generated in this world for us are like shit and needs to thrown out immediately out of our brain. There are many people in world, who due to their own frustration through there negativity on us. Here at this situation we need to be very alert and should allow these shits to come inside our need. Due to the simple principle of garbage in garbage out, we can not accept positive thoughts to emerge in our mind. Now with this negativity we can not do positive works or remain happy because for remaining happy, we need to positive from inside. Now see the clear example of a small child, how innocently he laughs and weeps but an ordinary person of this world is neither able to laugh fully or nor can weep completely. Small Childs mind is pure away from the negativity of world, therefore in his complete control. Where as the adult persons mind are full of lot of shits and can never be in pure bless.
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