My mother

I love my mother Smt. Snehlata Katoch very much, not because she is my mother but because lot of sacrifices done by her for me. You may say that every mother do this. Yes, it may be true, other mother may be doing same thing. I am not writing against them but only showing my respect to my mother. It is very difficult for any ordinary person to perform sacrifices like mother and that in this selfish world. My mother has lot of times eaten less food to give me the maximum food. There will be many examples of this kind of sacrifice by her to me. Not only these kind of care but she has helped me in emotionally also. She is the women who has always stood with me in all my failure and even fought with the people who have tried to depress me. I am whatever today is due to support shown by her only and whatever I will achieve in my life will be mainly due to her blessings.
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