My First Blog

Two years back, when I started blogging at my first blog on then I had never wondered that I will enjoy it so much. My initial blogging experience is full of lot struggles and difficulties. First I do not know how to write well, both my English and vocabulary were in poor state. However, one thing was good with me that I remained consistent in my blogging. I got my first shock when my blog on rediffblogs goes out of service due to internal planning. It was a very discouraging experience for me to lose a good working blog which has now even started getting visitors. After that, I again started from the beginning and built my latest blog “Thoughts of an Ordinary Man” on the bloggers. So far I am satisfied with my experience with and this has also started doing fine. Recently I found that my first blog is again alive, so all this reminded me of my blogging struggle which has passed through many ups and downs. One thing I clearly accept front of all that blogging has done great help to me. Today my writing skills have improved; my confidence level is high and now I can express my self more clearly. These all are big achievements done only with the help of blogging. I am not the only person who have benefited from blogging, there are many around the world that have benefited in big way from the blogging.
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