I love animals and birds

I love animal’s very-2 much. Currently, I have a 15 years dog and earlier I have few cats. I like mostly all the animal and want to spent lot of time with many of them. I am highly against of any crime done to these innocent creatures and wants strict punishments for anyone doing this crime against them. At my rooftop I like to feed different birds, some of pigeons, parrots and sparrows come daily to our house. I enjoy watching them eating their food and like their innocence. I also do not like the concept of putting these animals and birds behind the cages only for the fun of people. Animal planet is one of my favorite TV channel. I enjoy watching funny pet videos and this is one of my best pass times. Currently I am also planning to make few small movies on these animals and birds. I want to request people to respect animals and birds, and do not damage their forests only for our shakes.
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