Who is the real winner in Indo-US Nuclear deal?

Finally the US Senate approved the bill related to Indo-US nuclear deal by 85 votes in favor and 12 votes against. Earlier many speculations were running about the fate of this deal. Many neighboring countries of India like Pakistan, China were against any deal like this. Today many people around the world and in India are looking this deal as a major win for India because this deal will generously help India in generating much needed excess energy required for industrial growth in India.

India is becoming a global force due to its rapid growth and to maintain this progress India need lot of surplus energy to meet the needs for this growth. Conventional energy sources are failing to meet this requirement, where nuclear energy can easily fill this gap. Therefore this deal is mostly seen as only beneficial to India; however the US, US nuclear industry and high tech workers are the major beneficiary of this deal. This deal is supposed to have the potential of producing 270,000 higher end jobs for American workers. At present this billion dollars of market is closed for Americans and now this deal is an opportunity for the Americans to get their share.

In simple terms this deal has the potential to provide big revenue source to the American nuclear industry. Moreover all this is good for ailing American economy and provide it an opportunity to grow in future. The other reason behind this deal is securing a long term growing revenue source because with this deal America will become a major exporter of articles related to nuclear energy. India is raising rapidly if America pulls it hand from India then some other nation may come and explore this opportunity in India. Therefore this deal is more important for America then for the India.

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